in August 22nd this year, the prospectus prospectus in the Hongkong stock exchange official website debut. Document disclosure: in June 2016 the United States App’s monthly live users reached 446 million; in the mainstream social networking sites to share photos, the United States through the 53.5% processing.

along with the date of the listing of the drawing near, some interesting information quietly spread.

, for example, the United States will be more than HK $40 billion market capitalization, becoming the main board in Hongkong, second only to Tencent’s market capitalization of Internet companies". At the end of September 2016, the Hongkong board of 1930 companies a total market capitalization of $25 trillion and 600 billion, of which the Tencent market value of more than HK $2 trillion, accounted for 7.9% of the value of the main board.

there is a news about the beauty of figure M6 4 months after the listing is still a hard to find, catch the premium rate of iPhone7, the value of mobile phone is apple, Samsung but Mito mobile phone

! "The market value of Tencent

take that thing, "selling, hedging with apple, Samsung scapegoat, Mito benchmark (benchmark) awesome.

Mito very good, but the development of application in the effectiveness of the company is not necessarily good, 450 million users, market capitalization after the Tencent, hedge against apple is just a gimmick "".

Mito capital structure

company predecessor Xiamen digital Love Network Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in June 18, 2003. Born in 1981, Wu Xinhong (also known as Wu Zeyuan) is one of the three founders, holds 1 million of the registered capital of 47%.

Wu Xinhong is Fujian Quanzhou people, is said to have never graduated from high school through the "domain name business" earned $300 thousand, at the age of 19, with a few days of dating website, the "digital love" in 2003 is a dating site.

2005, Wu Xinhong joined the team in the beginning of the product hatch". 2006 2007 years, Wu Xinhong made nearly 30 sites, involving stocks, information, video……

July 2008, Cai Wensheng to two other founders of the acquisition of shares to become the largest shareholder. This time has been renamed the "company" and "digital love" to photo editing software.

October 2008, Meitu Xiu Xiu PC version of the line, is essentially a public version of PS "; in 2011, with Meitu Xiu Xiu mobile version of mobile transformation trend launched a big success.

In 2013 the United States

figure to do three things: ODM (Original design manufacture) launched two beauty camera, build the VIE architecture, the introduction of outside investors.

said "as its so, watch it from the police, the" Mito initiatives clearly tells us that Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong are going to think:

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