enterprise website promotion should be how to promote? This is a very real problem. What is the purpose of website publicity, that is, to let more people know us, familiar with us. There are two ways to promote the website, one is to do a variety of large network companies to do publicity, and the other is the search engine promotion. Today to say that the search engine promotion. Search engine in foreign countries is Google, Baidu is in china. We are under the Baidu, Baidu do publicity and there are two ways: one is to do a good job on the optimization of the Baidu snapshot, and the other is to do Baidu ppc.

competitive ranking is a result paid by the network marketing model, specifically is click charges, through the search keyword search to our company, and then click on the title of the our company described into our website buckles a fee. Some people may say, Baidu will not ask people to click on our website, ah, you want to do so big Baidu, if you earn only a little money on account of the collapse of the. When it comes to account fees, prices are not the same everywhere, Beijing, Shanghai is 8600 accounts, Qingdao is 5600, we are this is a $3000. The company through the auction to make their website ranking, and then achieve the purpose of the transaction. Some people may think you do Baidu, click on a few pieces of a few, but you have not seen the effect, the price is proportional to.

Baidu snapshot is automatically crawl Baidu robot, the key issue is the quality of the site, this time you need to use the SEO. I have seen a business customer, he did the optimization is done very well, in Shandong put the paper business has 5, and then his Baidu snapshot is ranked in the seventh, so that the site SEO do is quite good. Baidu snapshot is a way to take most of the webmaster, I also rely on Baidu station automatic capture www.366du.com, poor ah, do not afford Baidu! Companies are money, if you want to do propaganda from the Internet, ranking that was too good not to do the bidding of Baidu. Think about it, how much money do you need to do a good job ah, even if you can do to do a good job in front of the promotion of


all said that the ultimate rule is to promote the enterprise to do Baidu ppc. The above is not right, I hope you can forgive me, I do not understand or want to do Q:948964452 promotion can contact me.