marketing circle of friends is much more powerful, I don’t think I have to repeat, we look at their friends preferred in the marketing promotion will know what. But in the face of such a weapon, friends do not seem to know how to use the reasonable, understand the point will be the use of public accounts to the accumulation of users, do not understand directly in the circle of friends in a hair, attracted everyone’s dissatisfaction with the results. In fact, the circle of friends also need marketing skills and means, simply push saves their time also lost their way of marketing, the marketing circle of friends, I still have a few suggestions for everyone.

circle of friends marketing exposure and sales is not proportional. Some friends will do in the circle of friends of marketing to micro-blog that a take over with, because of their users desperately push, WeChat is reading environment and micro-blog, compared with micro-blog, WeChat more personal, you push things too fast will be sent to the frequency information of a garbage. It is difficult to accept by the user in the course of time will fly. When my own operating cement pipe machine public account, I push the product information only as a reminder, let the concept of brand impression in the audience in mind, he does not have direct purchase, improve the marketing function, because it seems to me that many of the factors involved in marketing, product attributes, core selling point, transmission, purchase channels are issues to consider, is not able to completely solve the circle of friends. So you want to really improve the performance of other ways need to fill.

professional degree in the circle of friends marketing is very important. Unlike the micro-blog certified public account, WeChat professional degree is actually very difficult from the subscription number, title and other aspects of distinction, because other users can not see this information, you want to set up a certain prestige in the professional degree, then from the other channel drainage is very important. Before some of my friends want to push through the account, with the content to create a certain influence, but this idea feasible cycle is long, far better than you in other channels to establish a reputation and drainage is slow, in fact my marketing concept is not in the advertising content not to come too seriously, to enhance the visibility of all. Will effort, this is a astepping-stone to success, we need to pay attention to.

to be familiar with the characteristics and visibility. On the WeChat to marketers, this is very important, do WeChat actually is to find a platform to show themselves, we need to convey the things in a new way out. But in this process, in addition to our own well promotion skills, for the product or the core content also can very well grasp. After all, whether large or personal promotion you use, customer inquiries are indispensable link, we must seize the key to the core competitiveness of products, say direct contact, so many users, some of the things they really feel better than you are familiar with, they have a lot of fudge things, so saving time is their love of communication, marketing, must be targeted, avoid eyebrows beard grabbed.