9 points, 10 points, 10 points, 08 points, 12 points…… These seemingly ordinary time, it has become a "mobile phone panic buying party" were the most intense heartbeat time, however, the most common is the manufacturer sold out, the party had failed only panic buying.

this is many people Tucao hunger marketing, millet has spread to the originator from where the mobile phone industry, even like ZTE, HUAWEI this kind of traditional mobile phone manufacturers have begun to find pleasure in the Internet mode, is interested to the marketing means, or another reason behind the


recently officially started selling AXON ZTE secret, also began to appear in the goods to buy similar HUAWEI Mate7 just listed. According to the news that the AXON secret in the two rounds of panic buying appears in an instant seckill, even in the United States limited pre-sale also sold out of stock situations. Some netizens questioned, ZTE playing hunger marketing.

in fact, this speculation is not the first time ZTE has encountered. Last year, 1 stars out of stock, but also faced this question. ZTE has said, "hunger marketing is dead", and said that ZTE mobile phone will never do the so-called "hunger marketing". The AXON secret again challenged the marketing of hunger, ZTE is his face, or a coincidence, perhaps it is difficult to have a conclusion.

however, more realistic problem is the problem of mobile phone manufacturers listed in the initial products will generally encounter production climbing, especially domestic manufacturers bid farewell to the old familiar in the low-end market, began to attack the high-end market, this situation will become more obvious. The flagship high-end mobile phone on the manufacturing process, the product quality has a more stringent requirements, more tests on whole industry chain manufacturers have the ability to control, and this is often the weakness of Internet companies.

however, it is understood that ZTE established five mobile phone production base in the world, which formally put into production early in Xi’an plant is the largest in China’s western automation production base, is mainly responsible for the current high-end intelligent mobile phone ZTE in the production task, ZTE is also the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the production line up. CEO of ZTE terminal has Xuezhong also said in the release of AXON, ZTE and downstream industry chain enterprises have maintained close cooperation, and as the most important global flagship mobile phone ZTE AXON, the secret of the production line is a priority, so AXON in terms of the quality control and the capacity to say there is no problem.

however, ZTE still underestimated the enthusiasm of the market. ZTE electricity supplier Department official said, this round of selling is completely beyond our expectations, the initial preparation is not very adequate, however, is currently stepping up stocking, the scale of the latter will be heavy."

AXON from this point of view, the secret of supply rather than hunger marketing, rather than exposure ZTE in the high-end market’s lack of confidence, and this may be common in the transformation of China mobile phone manufacturers. AXON is the secret of ZTE’s first high-end flagship mobile phone, which lasted for 18 months.