pharmaceutical industry sales model, the most important means of sales may be pharmaceutical investment agency model. However, the sales model of pharmaceutical investment mode with There are both advantages and disadvantages., time is in constant development, the pharmaceutical investment site should also change with the change in the pattern of the pharmaceutical industry.

any kind of pattern over time will be somewhat outdated, a pattern in the past success is not necessarily suitable for the present situation. Since the traditional mode of medical investment in the change, the network investment model should also be timely to change their own.

traditional medicine investment model change in where?

pharmaceutical investment agency advantage:

agent mode is adopted by many pharmaceutical companies, because it can help enterprises in the shortest time by agents around the network and financial resources to quickly seize the market, expand market share, to speed up the payment and simplified management, flat channel. Especially for many R & D-oriented emerging small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, limited funds, no Internet, no market, business model can be said to quickly occupy the market, rapid return of funds to the fast development of the preferred business model. According to statistics, more than 20% of the total domestic drug sales are realized by the investment model.

Disadvantages of

pharmaceutical investment agency:

relative to self built sales team of enterprises, investment agency model is not conducive to the establishment of brand image and long-term development of enterprises, can not exercise their sales team. Long term dependence on agents, can not effectively break through the sales bottleneck, unable to withstand market risks.

How to avoid the disadvantages of

pharmaceutical investment enterprises.

pharmaceutical investment agency confusion:

With the passage of time,

investment model itself is also increasing the number of problems, manufacturers and agents have a stomach complaint and frustration. The enterprise that agents, dragons and fishes jumbled together terminal control is weak, the cost of sales growth, and agents mostly pay attention to short-term interests, it is difficult to match the long-term development of the enterprise, it is difficult to truly become a long-term strategic partner; and agents complained about corporate policy instability, frequent intervention and free market segmentation, customer service and the service is not in place, with cost and risk increasing agents are obviously worried about the enterprise market to recover, rather than investment, not as.

especially since 2006, with the introduction of the national health care reform and a series of new deal, the original investment model has been a huge impact, many companies and agents have lost confidence in the investment model.

how to develop long term agents:

mainly has the following several aspects: 1 brand building to attract outstanding agents; 2 effective agent management — to retain the best agents, such as strict Chuanhuo management system; 3 of the agents of the technical guidance and services to customer service agent relies on enterprise; 4 continuous product innovation — the agent refused to light.