in July 13th, there are two different news appeared in the media, one is v. love to help network unfair competition wins, Panpei 500 thousand yuan ", another is" the net love a band won second instance, the public comment constitutes false propaganda". This makes lasted for four years and love about "unfair competition" in the dispute last mystery: who won?

public comment to win the final victory

"IT times" the reporter got the first case verdict, the Beijing first intermediate people’s court said: the net love a band comment content has reached the network, users do not need to enter the can get enough information, which has abnormal competition, love to help network was sentenced compensation 500 thousand yuan. As for false propaganda, but because the two companies were used in the propaganda of the largest, most complete and other adjectives, but failed to fully confirm that both sides are required to bear the charges.

obviously, the winner is the public comment network. However, the final victory will let it get rid of net love a band "search machine", is not optimistic about the prospects.

violations continue and net love a band "grudge" can be traced back to 4 years ago. By the end of 2007, found the net love a band vertical search technology is a direct use of public comment online merchants introduction and consumer reviews, so repeatedly asked the band to stop using content. And with their love to help network is a vertical search site on the grounds, refused to stop to grab the public comment online content, and questioned enjoyed on the content of copyright. To this end, both sides fight lawsuits, January 2011, the Beijing Haidian court verdict: love to help network copyright infringement was established, love to help network shall stop the infringement and compensation economic losses and litigation expenses necessary. At the same time, to love to help network suspected of "grounds of unfair competition", continue to sue. Until the final, the court asked the net love a band to immediately stop acts of unfair competition, the ruling time is July 5th.

however, the court does not seem to be effective. In July 13th, the reporter still see the existence of a large number of comments in love online. In the harvest day Shimen two Road shop, for example, the first 25 pages of comments from the public comment network, and the full text of the comments, users do not need to log the latter, you can understand the hotel’s detailed evaluation. There is no diversion of search engines, no wonder the public comment network to uphold rights.

vertical search problem

vertical search is only a short while ago, fame, love, cool and other sites are to win many Internet users. However, with Google, Baidu added similar services, the rise of the fair, 58 city life information website, vertical search days is not so well, have to vertical portal transformation.