station network ( September 4th news, while the line of the largest bank card payment market transaction organizations, while the Internet online payment market giants, China UnionPay and Alipay’s escalating infighting. "For some reason as everyone knows, Alipay will stop all the line POS business." In August 27th, Alipay a paper notice on its official micro-blog, Alipay and China UnionPay "grudges" further explicit.

many industry insiders believe that the reason is China unionpay. In this regard, UnionPay PR, said it would not respond to this statement. China UnionPay executives who do not want to be named, said that this time is lying in the gun". He believes that Alipay stop the line POS business, may be the line of high operation cost, low cost reason. However, China UnionPay alleged monopoly sound constantly. It is understood that China UnionPay business types are more: both play the settlement function, similar to the foreign Visa card organization. UnionPay business line under the bank card collection, but also has UnionPay online payment brands, both of which are the same as the third party payment.

Alipay publicly dropped off acquiring business, most people in the industry seems to Union had tried to "amnesty" incorporation of the third party payment institutions "demonstration", but also the industry questioned Alipay’s move to escape the "diving". Entanglement is undoubtedly behind the interests of the territory dispute with Alipay, China unionpay.


stop due to the line POS business also began to exposure, after the Bank of Shanghai received a UnionPay amount of up to 2000-3000 million in fines, but ultimately in multi-party communication, the Bank of Shanghai did not really produce a fine. The Bank of Shanghai was "heavy" the reason is the acquirer to use Alipay no.. For the recent issue of UnionPay Bank of Shanghai to issue a ticket, although China UnionPay did not give a positive reply. A person close to Alipay said, it will eventually lead to the Bank of Shanghai has stopped cooperation with alipay. According to industry sources, the union penalty is very common, but usually tens of thousands of small, tens of millions or the first time heard. "For example, as long as there is a UnionPay merchant insurance there is applied to the low rate of transaction, we can conclude the third party payment institutions of all merchants are violations, in accordance with the recovery to a ticket. Moreover, but also by the time, such as the 100 days before the start of the single shop, the amount of punishment is also multiplied by the time formula."

in this game pattern, UnionPay, banks, third party payment each have their positions. China union president Schroder said: "the third party payment institutions engaged in the business of UnionPay card business, its services are to UnionPay card as a basis, the third party to do the UnionPay card business must follow the rules and system of UnionPay card." The third party payment, said in the field of payment, UnionPay is not only the color of the regulators, referees, but also the most