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this is a confusing chain: portal seduced national newspapers, and the search engine is the portal of rape.

, is the so-called "SEDUCTION" grudgingly, but action reluctantly. The newspaper bosses will hate Chen Tong, but they cannot do without Chen Tong. Specifically, this relationship should be called "prostitute" — every year will pay piaozi portal to newspapers, Something is better than nothing..

and "rape", the portal, if it cannot be avoided, "close your eyes can only enjoy". But the terrible thing is that the end of the rape of the portal Baidu, and began to grab jobs and portals. Dogskin plaster and brand banner, Baidu did not want to let go.

foreign not so miserable, they do not "portal" this thing, so, Google direct rape newspaper.

said, the big fish eat, fast fish eats the slow, actually add, the upper reaches of the downstream of the fish to eat fish.


what is the thunder? Download? Search? Digital distribution? Client?

in my opinion, the thunder is a logistics company. Baidu, Google is a logistics company. The difference is that in Baidu, Google input keywords, the entire logistics process and for the moment, the thunder this focus on large data streams (video, games, software) of the logistics service, the distribution cycle (search, download) longer.

maybe in the future, will shorten the delivery cycle, the content of the Internet media will change, this is Zou Shenglong say they value 10 billion foreshadowing.


It is said that the thunder

will cooperate with the video site, the purpose is to let everyone die slowly". Standing in Zou Shenglong’s point of view, this is very easy to understand the starting point – now the bandwidth is too expensive, every year to burn countless CDN money, logistics costs are too high, it is better to outsource to thunder.

however, signed the agreement in many video sites at the moment, the cost savings at the same time, also destined to be seduced thunder. Just as the gateway to the newspaper, the search engine to the portal, the same.

Zou Shenglong said "do not thunder video portal," how, five years or even three years ago, who would believe that Baidu will do the portal? China "logistics market" is still not big enough, do not grab the new site is unlikely to meet Wall Street greed — if the thunder listed to you.

you know, the video site content homogenization problem is still very serious, user loyalty to the platform is not high, they are focus content and content of fluency, without these content from potatoes, Youku, or thunder.