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Duport Road Residents Undertake Drainage Project

first_imgSeveral residents of Duport Road East community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia on Saturday, April 12, completed a drainage project that would address the challenges presented by flooding in the area.In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer after the exercise, Augustine Boakai, the project’s manager, said the initiative was funded by residents in the community. He went on to praise them for their level of cooperation.“We communicated with the acting Mayor of Paynesville for assistance; unfortunately we have not heard anything from her, until now,” he added, “It was only the community’s members that supported the project.”Boakai said residents would continue to engage stakeholders, including the Paynesville City Acting Mayor, to help them address the problem of the bridge that was constructed by District #10.“Since the construction of the bridge, almost every home in the community has been seriously affected by flooding. When even a little rain falls, the entire area becomes flooded due to the drainages and waterways being obstructed by the bridge,” Mr. Boakai explained.The Duport East project manager said if the bridge is not attended to by government, he would mobilize the community to remove it.“We are not threatening the government, but want them to know that we are tired of flooding as a result of the bridge,” he clarified.He called on the acting city mayor to help residents find solutions to solve the drainage problem once and for all.“We realized that this presented an opportunity to improve the health and sanitation conditions of the area as well,” he said of the drainage project he and other Duport Road residents undertook.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Liberia’s Senatorial By-Elections (2018): Why These Voting Queues Are Empty

first_imgEmpty voter precinct during the 2018 Senatorial By-election in MontserradoBy Samuel G. Dweh/journalist, creative writer, author (+231) 886618906/776583266The photo above is of Voting Precinct # 30242 (in the compound of the Episcopal Church/Mason Center High School, in the Old Road Community, Sinkor, Monrovia) of the Montserrado County’s Senatorial by-election between candidates Saah H. Joseph (incumbent Representative of District #13), Josephine George-Francis (former Representative of District #1, Montserrado County), Yekeh Kolubah (incumbent Representative of District # 10) Bernard “DJ Blue” Benson (Music entertainer/Disc Jockey and co-owner of Hott FM/TV), Michael Tipayson, Findley Karnga (Lawyer) and Mark Keshen. Each person thought he or she was the ‘best person’ to occupy the seat vacated by George Manneh Weah to contest the presidency. I took the photo at 10:20am (of July 30, 2018)—two hours and twenty minutes after the National Elections Commissions (NEC)-announced start of voting. NEC set 8:00am for start of voting.I live in this community (Old Road, under electoral district #10). My mission at the voting center above was to see whether other residents who had expressed their lack of interest in a “Senatorial by-election” would prove it by not coming out to vote, or they would fall to the nationalistic nudge of demonstrating a “civil responsibility”. The scene at the voting center showed the stance of majority of the “complainants”.  With my camera hidden from the view of Polling Officers and Security, I started fanning around and within the voting center, my attention got fixed to the entrance of the voting center—to see who was coming in to vote and the time-interval between the first voter and the next—and the number of persons in any of the four voting queues.After thirty minutes, I couldn’t see anybody—showing voting card—with Mr. Samuel Williams, a NEC’s Polling Staff member stationed at the gate to receive a citizen’s voting card before the person is allowed into the voting center.Three minutes later, a man arrived and brandished his Voter’s ID card in Mr. Williams’ face.“This Voting Card was used in the presidential and House of Representatives elections in 2011. We are accepting the one printed for the elections in 2007. Where’s the 2007’s voting card?” Mr. Williams said to the ‘registered voter’.“I couldn’t find it,” the man replied and walked away. Twenty minutes later, four young men arrived to be ushered into the voting center, but none of them had the Voter’s Card issued by the National Elections Commissions (NEC) for recent elections.One of them—with ‘Mandela Saye Whea’ written on an ID card hanging on his trouser—introduced all as “Voting Supervisors from the political camp of Honorable Mark Keshen,” he announced to the NEC’s Polling officer stationed at the gate. “Where’s your Voter’s ID card?” NEC’s Samuel Williams demanded.The group’s spokesperson presented a call card-sized white paper with ‘National Elections Commissions’ inscribed on it.“We need the real Voter’s card, not this one,” the NEC’s officer at the gate said to the party’s voting supervisor.None of the other three candidates Mark Keshen’s supporters could show  a valid Voter’ ID card.“The elections law of Liberia says, where the voting card of a registered voter is missing, NEC’s Polling officers at the polling center should check the voter’s name in NEC’s general register at the polling center,” Mandela Whea of candidate Mark Keshen argued to the NEC’s officer stationed at the gate.“Show your real or valid voter’s ID card,” NEC’s Samuel Williams maintained his stance on accessibility to the voting centers for the four voting supervisors/agents.The misunderstanding later changed to commotion, attracting most of the other NEC’s officials at the voting center, and some of the people around the center.At this juncture, Tom Tozay, one of candidate Mark Keshen’s party’s ‘voting supervisor’, threatened: “We will disrupt the entire voting process, If you can’t allow us into the voting center, for us to see whether or not the voting rights of supporters of our candidate, Honorable Mark Keshen, are respected by your colleagues in there.”Tom Tozay’s threat didn’t yield result. The fourth candidate Mark Keshen’s supporters filed out of the voting center—all ranting in protest against the NEC’s officers’ enforceability of the Elections Law on voting.After the commotion between the Mr. Kenshen’s supporters and the NEC’s officers had subsided, I spoke with one of the NEC’s Polling Staff members on the numbers of voting-ID-card-holding persons he had seen being registered to cast their votes, and the frequency of persons coming into the voting center.“The number of persons who have voted, since we started at 8, o clock this morning, is less than thirty. On time-interval of persons who come in to cast their votes, the next voter comes in fifteen to twenty minutes after the other voter had left,” Polling officer Keye Funnebo responded to my inquiry.Mr. Emmanuel Glarley, 40, a resident of the Old Road Community, and the sole breadwinner of a seven-member family, gave me the reasons for the low turn-out of voters for the Montserrado County’s Senatorial by-elections in 2018.“The failures of politicians, voted for during past elections, on providing the basic needs, which were in their campaign promises, have killed people’s interest for this by-elections,” said Mr. Glarley, who sells  drinks behind the voting center. His customers are mostly people in the lowest-income bracket, with a larger number being commercial motorcyclists.He pointed to the voters’ lack of basic needs of life as the major reasons for the lack of interest in elevating another politician through an electoral process called ‘vote’.“This lack of basic needs for the poor registered voters is blamed on the extremely high prices on basic commodities, due to two factors: galloping price of gas and high transport fare,” said the former  motorcyclist-turned landlord.He described electricity, for 85% of Liberians, as a ‘mermaid’. “Mermaid is something you don’t see; 85% of Liberians cant’s see LEC (Liberia Electricity Corporation) light in their homes” he said.Ninety-eight percent of Liberians can’t find potable water—from tap/Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC), according to Mr. Glarley, whose house has an LWSC’s customer badge (sticker).He also said the current economic situation in Liberia, which he traced from the beginning of the George Manneh Weah’s government in January, 2018, has pushed the ‘daily survival income’ of majority of Liberians downwards to twenty-five cents per day, against US$1.00 as indicated in the United Nations’ Poverty Index on Liberia.Mr. Glarley had a valid voter’s card for Montserrado County, issued by NEC for the presidential and HoR elections in 2017, but he didn’t vote in the by-elections, he confessed to me. “Why should I vote? I do not know any of the people in the race. Or do you want me vote for one of these persons who will continue with keeping me and my family in poverty with their lawmaking as is being done by those already in the Executive Branch or Legislative Branch?”The Montserrado County’s Senatorial By-Election in December, 2014, which brought in Africa’s football legend-turned politician George Manneh Weah as Senator, saw high voter-turnout at each voting center. It was also characterized by boozing or chaotic post-election activities, especially throngs of over-speeding campaign vehicles and wild drinking of alcoholic beverages, by supporters of all candidates, especially those of George Weah’s Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and those for independent candidate Robert Sirleaf, son of the then Head of State. The By-Elections in 2018 lacked most of the features of 2014’s—all most likely due to extreme disenchantment of majority of eligible voters under the pang of stinging economic deprivation. Bong County’s Senatorial By-Elections—Finding  a replacement for Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, who quit her post to be Vice President for Liberia—were not different from Montserrado County’s. Most voters however, stayed away from the Polls.If the current economic situation continues to the end of George Manneh Weah’s first constitutional term in office (2024), voting centers around the nation would bear the features of Voting Precinct 30242 in the Montserrado County’s Senatorial By-Election. Don’t put your money onto the gambling board or place your head on the gulag as a bet against this forecast.I strongly believe the people’s “Country Giant” has the INTELLECTUAL ABILITY and the POLITICAL WILL to invoke in ordinary Liberians the “feeling” to participate in civil activities. The President must consider this as a MANDATE, which is reflected in the ruling party’s motto, “YES, WE NUST” If George Manneh Weah CAN do it in a profession called SOCCER, which earned for him all the top laurels of the game in a single year (1995), he CAN do it in the other profession called POLITICS. About the AuthorSamuel G. Dweh, a fiction writer and author, is president of the Liberia Association of Writers (LAW). An indigene of the Wedabo tribe of Grand Kru County of Liberia, he is a journalist and member of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) He can be reached via: (+231) 886-618-906/776-583-266; this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Over 100 Canal farmers affected by flooding

first_imgFarmers within the Canal Number One Polder, West Bank Demerara (WBD) area are now calling for help after hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost as a result of excessive flooding.The area has constantly been under water for over a month now, which has affected over 100 residents and caused farmers to rapidly lose crops.Guyana Times understands that the flooding issue is as a result of poor drainage systems in the area.Presently, the canal is overtaken by vegetation, causing it to be clogged. Compounding the situation, stones and asphalt from a road which broke away some time ago have slipped into the canal.According to the residents, the area has always been affected by flooding, however, this is the first time that they have been affected for such an extended period.Several complaints have been lodged at the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) in the area, however, the residents are now complaining of substandard cleaning work being carried out.“They are trying to help with tractor and they get some self-help work and tried to clear the canal but that is not all, the problem is still there at the canal because the front of the canal high and the bottom low and some place in the canal,” one farmer said.This publication was told that several farmers have also since visited the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), where the matter was reported to the Regional Executive Officer (REO) on numerous occasions to no avail.Fifty-two-year-old Ramzan Shaw, a farmer of over 20 years of Lot 7 Good Hope, Canal, Number One, Polder, West Bank Demerara (WBD), said that he lost over $200,000 since the flooding began.According to the farmer, his livelihood is being threatened since over 30 peach trees, 20 breadfruits trees, several rambutan trees along with several pineapples plants have died.The farmer expressed his fear that more of his crops will die shortly since no measure is being put into place to have the matter rectified.Shaw is advising that a channel be dug in the middle of the channel which will see the water on the land being drained off.“The canal in front of us, it is full of moss, what they do is they come and weed it top top and after two mornings, it grows back and flood again. Now they need to dig a channel in the canal, build the dam which will leave the channel in the middle so that the water can keep running off” Shaw said.According to the farmer, if those responsible for the draining issues visit the area to hear the residents’ concerns then flooding would not be an issue since it can easily be fixed with the proper intervention.“These people in Region know but they are not helping… they are not even coming to hear the concern of the people…I am even more sorry for my neighbour, he lost so much more than me, all he trees them dying out, somebody need to come and look into this man” the upset man expressed.Calls by this newspaper to the Region Three RDC went unanswered.last_img read more

Rice farmers call for tax exemption on agricultural machinery

first_imgRice farmers living in the agricultural district of Region Two (Pomeroon- Supenaam) are requesting tax exemptions on all agricultural machinery, saying that Value Added Tax (VAT) being charged on the equipment was an extra burden to the industry.Many of the rice farmers spoke out at a recent meeting held with Agriculture Minister Noel Holder at Anna Regina. One rice farmer from Maria Delight, Mohammed (only name given) said that extra taxes were creating frustrations within the industry. He explained that the rice industry was bombarded with many taxes and as such, requested for duty-free waivers on all agricultural machinery.Mohammed said that farmers were already faced with tonnes of challenges complemented by high rates and taxes on their lands and it was wise for the Government of Guyana, along with the Agriculture Ministry to consider this request. Other farmers said that the increase of VAT on agricultural machinery would result in them spending more per crop hence less profit.  “We are face with so many challenges, including flooding, pumping of water, poor drainage, loans at the banks, high taxes on lands, now we have to pay more VAT. Where we are really heading to?” the farmer questioned.A rice farmer making a request for tax exemptions on agricultural equipment during a recent meeting with Agriculture Minister Noel HolderA large-scale farmer also said that he had to spend more to purchase a tractor and a combine harvester since the heavy prices created through the VAT system were creating burden on rice farmers. Large-scale farmers have requested theMinister to assist in helping farmers with duty-free Waivers and to implement a system to assist the industry.In responding, Minister Holder said that VAT has to be charged so that all infrastructure, such as roads, could be built for the benefit of residents.However, Permanent Secretary for the Agriculture Ministry, George Jervis said that VAT was exempted only in special circumstances and if a farmer wished to receive duty-free concessions, then he or she would have to go through GO-Invest then the Agriculture Ministry. Jervis said the system has changed and now GO-Invest was handling the duty-free programme; however, the Ministry can make recommendations on behalf of rice farmers. Currently, rice farmers are busy preparing for the rice harvesting period and over the past few days, a large amount of water has accumulated in their fields, hence they were forced to pump water. (Indrawattie Natram)last_img read more

All Mustangs, all the time

first_imgIn other words, fans will come to ogle Mustang eye candy, creating the buzz and foot traffic that is the lifeblood of a dealer. The move already seemed to be working on Wednesday, the opening day of the showroom. An hour before the start of an autographing session, dozens of Mustang fans had filled up the parking lot with models dating back to 1970. Many said they came for the signature of race car driver Steve Saleen, whose latest design was on display in the showroom. Saleen and race car driver Parnelli Jones customized the 2007 Mustang that is named after them. It is one of 500 made and sells for $60,565. Michael Shore came with his father, Allen, from Simi Valley to meet Saleen. Shore, a business major at California State University, Northridge, said he wasn’t going to leave until he had Saleen’s signature. NORTH HILLS – On the surface, car dealer Galpin Ford’s decision to devote an entire showroom to a car that has not been selling well seems counterintuitive. Sales of Mustangs dropped 19 percent in January and February compared with last year as the newness of the latest Mustang model wore off and buyers waited for the next model to come out. But showcasing the iconic sports car is a smart move, several analysts said. “You have to look beyond Mustang sales,” said Kevin Tynan of Argus Research Corp. “If you open a Mustang showroom, you become a beacon for Mustang enthusiasts.” “It’s kind of inspiring because he started as a race car driver and a car enthusiast,” said Shore, 20, as he snapped pictures of Mustangs parked next to his black 2000 Saleen Speedster. “And he built this whole empire.” Inside, banners dotted the chrome-laced showroom, which used to house sport utility vehicles and trucks. Three Mustangs were parked in the bright, airy space. Saleen and Jones were on hand to toot the car’s horn. “What’s unique about this car is literally everything,” said Saleen as he pointed out dual-colored leather seats, a race car suspension system, and two names scrawled on the dash. Both he and Jones signed each of the 500 cars. Devoting an entire showroom to a single model is unusual, but not very expensive if you have enough space. All it takes is switching the cars and slapping up a few posters. “It’s an option that a mega dealer can look at,” said analyst David Healy of Burnham Securities Inc. Galpin certainly has the space. Its sprawling campus in North Hills stretches across 60 acres. Galpin is the No. 1 Ford dealer in the country and also sells the most Mustangs, according to George Pipas, Ford’s domestic sales analysis manager. The nationwide decline in Mustang sales, which was similarly felt at Galpin, is part of a bigger trend in the coupe market, he said. “It’s not just a Mustang thing,” Pipas said. “The whole category was off 38 percent.” The dedicated showroom will help turn those figures around at Galpin. Aside from attracting potential customers, it will help the dealer hone its sales pitch and focus Mustang hype, said George Peterson, president of the consulting firm Auto Pacific in Tustin. “Your salespeople can be trained very strongly on Mustang and its basic competition so they can do a more effective sales job,” Peterson said. The showroom will also increase revenues of aftermarket wheels, stereos, performance-enhancing parts, and paint jobs that Galpin sells at its Auto Sports center. Total revenues from aftermarket products may not be a significant factor, but the profit margin is incredible, analyst Tynan said. Mustangs are the No. 1 car Galpin customizes, said Vice President Beau Boeckmann. “It’s one of those cars that people love to customize and make their own,” said Boeckmann, who appears on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” which is filmed at Galpin’s Auto Sports center. Chris Lawson was looking at the customized Mustangs parked in front of the showroom Wednesday evening. She has had “six or seven” Mustangs in her lifetime. “I have been in love with Mustangs since I was 10 years old,” said Lawson, a 45-year-old caregiver who lives in Reseda. “Take the rest of them and leave the Mustangs behind.” (818) 713-3735 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Chiefs, Kotoko possible Gor CAF CC opponents

first_imgThey will be paired against one of the 10 non-seeded Confederations Cup teams who will be dropped in Pot D.Apart from Chiefs and Kotoko, the other teams in Pot D will be Angolan giants Petro Atletico, Mukura Victory Sports from Rwanda, Hassania Agadir from Morocco, Nigeria’s Rangers, Burkina Faso’s Salitas FC, FC San Pedro from Ivory Coast, New Stars from Cameroon and Algerian outfit Nasr Athlétique de Hussein Dey.Gor might find themselves paired against Kotoko who will make a return to the country after eliminating Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Shield champions Kariobangi Sharks 2-1 in aggregate in the first round of the Confederations Cup.The Kenyan champions will be looking to qualify for the group stages of the Confederations Cup for the second time in a row having done so last season.K’Ogalo beat South Africa’s Supersport United on the away goal rule after a 2-2 aggregate score in the play-off round. Gor won the first leg 1-0 in Machakos but lost 2-1 in the return leg in South Africa.In the other draws, five teams from the Confederations Cup first round have been seeded in Pot B and will be drawn against eight non seeded teams from the Champions League first round who will be dropped into Pot B.This pot will have neighbors Vipers SC from Uganda who might be pooled against fellow Ugandans Kampala City Council who are seeded in Pot B.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Gor Mahia players celebrate their goal against Lobi Stars during a CAF Champions League match at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani on December 16, 2018. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaNAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 28 – South African giants Kaizer Chiefs and two-time African champions Asante Kotoko from Ghana are among the possible opponents record Kenyan Premier League champions Gor Mahia will face when the draw of the CAF Confederations Cup play-off round is conducted on Friday evening in Cairo, Egypt.Gor who dropped to the Confederations Cup after being tossed out of the Champions League by Nigerian champions Lobi Stars on the away goal rule will be among the seven seeded teams to be dropped in Pot A.last_img read more

Leicester to let Mahrez leave, Watford to lose Ighalo to Arsenal? – Paper review

first_imgHere are the top transfer-related stories in Saturday’s newspapers and online…Claudio Ranieri insists he would not stop Leicester star Riyad Mahrez leaving the Foxes for a European super-club. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona have been linked with a move for the Algerian ace. (Daily Mirror)Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores admits he could lose star striker Odion Ighalo in the summer, with Arsenal strongly linked with a swoop for the Nigeria international. (The Sun)Barcelona are reportedly interested in re-signing Hector Bellerin from Arsenal. The 20-year-old right-back began his career at the Nou Camp before joining the Gunners in 2011. (Sport)Manchester United and Manchester City have both had bids rejected for £35million Juventus left-back Alex Sandro, 25. (Calciomercato)The Red Devils also want to sign Werder Bremen striker Johannes Eggestein. The 17-year-old has scored 69 goals in 71 games for the club’s under-17 and under-19 sides. (Weser Kurier)Chelsea manager Guyss Hiddink has revealed Brazilian striker Alexandre Pato is STILL not fit enough to play, one month after joining the Blues. (The Sun)West Ham stars are Cheikhou Kouyate and Manuel Lanzini are close to signing new contract at the club. (Evening Standard)Everton are targeting Cardiff City’s £10million-rated goalkeeper David Marshall as a replacement for Tim Howard, who is set for a return to the United States. (Daily Mirror)Former Swansea striker Michu has revealed he dreams of returning to Swansea City, saying: “I want to score for them one more time.” (South Wales Evening Post)Newcastle United hot prospect Rolando Aarons is being monitored by Arsenal, AC Milan and Juventus, according to reports in Italy. (Newcastle Chronicle)Former Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard has admitted the new Major League Soccer season is likely to be his last as a player. The LA Galaxy midfielder is already preparing for a career in coaching. (Daily Telegraph)Everton will announce they have been sold in a £200million takeover in the next few days, with the the new owners believed to be a mystery group from the Middle East. (Daily Mail)England may bid to host the 2030 World Cup following Gianni Infantino’s election as Fifa president, says Football Association chairman Greg Dyke. (Sky Sports)And here are the latest headlines…?If Arsenal beat Manchester United they’ll never have a better chance to win title, says former GunnerChelsea to target Paul Pogba should Antonio Conte be appointed managerTransfer reports: Barcelona big fans of John Stones but will NOT fight Chelsea for Everton starTransfer report: Chelsea and Manchester United both eyeing Paris Saint-Germain forward Edinson CavaniTransfer report: Roma planning audacious move for Manchester City captain Vincent KompanyTransfer report: Chelsea will sell Andreas Christensen to Borussia Monchengladbach if £12m valuation is metSunderland transfer news: La Liga goalkeeper tracked ahead of potential £6m summer move 1 Transfer rumours and paper review last_img read more

Dad jailed and mum fined after girl misses 164 of 167 days of school

first_imgA father has been jailed and his partner fined after their teenage daughter missed an incredible 164 days from a 167 day school year.The teenager’s parents appeared at Letterkenny District Court charged with failing to ensure she attended school under the Education and Welfare Act. The case of the girl from the village of Raphoe in east Donegal had been adjourned from a previous occasion.Judge Paul Kelly had adjourned the case to see if there had been any improvement in the girl’s school attendance.He had warned the child’s parents that if their child missed any school days in between the court appearances without a medical cert that he would send the girl’s father to jail.The court heard that the girl had since missed three days from school.Solicitor for the girl, Mr Niall McWalters, said she had been off school because of an illness which stemmed from an asthmatic condition.However, no doctor’s medical certificates were handed into court.The solicitor said he accepted that in the girl’s second year in secondary school she had missed a total of 164 out of 167 days in school.He added that the situation had improved dramatically and that the girl had just sat her Junior Cert and had expressed a desire to go on and complete her Leaving Certificate.The family’s solicitor said the girl was described “bright and intelligent” by her teachers.Members of Tusla, the Child and Family Agency were in court for the hearing.Judge Paul Kelly said the girl’s parents, who sat at the back of the courtroom, had a responsibility to allow and encourage their daughter to get an education.“They have a responsibility to their child to make sure she attends school and receives a proper education. This does not mean taking her away for weekends or whatever,” he saidJudge Kelly sentenced the girl’s father to 14 days in prison and fined her mother €500.However, he deferred the sentence until October to see if the girl returned to school and how the case progressed.Dad jailed and mum fined after girl misses 164 of 167 days of school was last modified: July 6th, 2017 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ClassesdonegaljailJUDGEpupilSCHOOLlast_img read more


first_imgA bus driver is being hailed a hero after he managed to brake just seconds before a falling tree hit his bus in Letterkenny this morning.The driver of the ‘Home James’ bus was taking children to school in the Lisnennan area close to Woodlands when the incident happened.The driver managed to break in time escaping the full force of the brunt of the falling tree. A number of the children and the driver were shaken but there were no injuries.The front of the bus was damaged following the incident just before 9am.Donegal Democrat reporter Diarmuid Doherty came across the accident just moments after it happened.H revealed how he spoke to the bus driver who explained how the incident happened in “slow motion.” He said the driver revealed how they had a very lucky escape and how he was thankful he managed to apply the brakes.The bus has since ben towed away and the parents of the children have been informed of the incident.People are being asked to take extra care on the roads across the county as an Orange Weather Alert status remains in place from Met Eireann.There are numerous reports of trees down while up to 500 homes are without power in Falcarragh this morning. SCHOOLCHILDREN ESCAPE INJURY AFTER TREE FALLS ON THEIR BUS was last modified: December 10th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:crashdonegalHOME JAMESletterkennySCHOOLBUSTREElast_img read more

Mavericks Barbers: A sale and a service with a difference

first_imgToday, Mavericks Barbershop Letterkenny is jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon, to join the masses of retailers, we are doing an offer this weekend for all guys sporting a fade! Fades will be available in Mavericks this weekend at regular cut prices, (€14, and students €12), come and join us, let us work our magic, where the workmanship is like no other, it’s different…But what is different about Mavericks? Well for a start, are you getting the best haircut you can get?At Mavericks our ambition is to do the best possible job at all times, regardless of what it takes. We are well aware that style of operating is not everyone’s cup of tea, a lot of men do just want a quick job done and their hair to simply be shorter, and that is fine too. In Mavericks our aim is to be there for the gentleman who wants a great quality haircut, done professionally, in a comfortable environment with a good atmosphere.We like to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone, bank manager or bank robber, toddler or grandpa, you are all welcome at Mavericks! We would like our customers to enjoy the experience not just the end result of the haircut, so with complimentary drinks, football or just the craic that is in there, we are confident you will be coming back for more.Below are just some of the differences you’ll find in Mavericks Traditional Barbershop we invite you to come and have a look… Mavericks Traditional Barbershop is located at Larkins Lane, Lower Main Street Letterkenny, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. Mavericks Barbers: A sale and a service with a difference was last modified: November 23rd, 2017 by Mavericks BarbersShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Black Fridayhairmavericks traditional barbershopSALElast_img read more

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