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UN agency calls for new measures to cope with health effects of

Almost 2 billion people were affected by natural disasters in the last decade of the 20th century, with floods and droughts accounting for 86 per cent of them, the Geneva-based United Nations agency said, calling for a series of measures in response to the resulting health effects.”The most vulnerable victims are the poor and the marginalized, most of whom live in low-quality housing in flood-prone or drought-prone regions,” said Jamie Bartram, Coordinator of WHO’s Water, Sanitation and Health Programme. “In periods of drought, their desperate search for water leads them to drink contaminated water and fail to exercise personal hygiene. And those fleeing floods often drink unclean water too.”Floods are the second most frequent cause of natural disaster after windstorms, but affect more regions and more people than any other phenomenon, WHO said. Drought is the largest cause of death because it often leads to famine.As statistical studies show floods becoming more frequent, WHO called for more efforts to be put into better preparedness and better prevention measures, especially in the least developed countries.Simple, practical measures such as teaching people how to conserve water and keep it safe from contamination and how to store emergency supplies of safe drinking water would help at-risk communities, WHO said. Chlorination is known to reduce diarrhoea, cholera and other diseases.The agency also said that early warning systems to detect rises in mosquito-borne and diarrhoeal diseases and to evaluate the risk of floods and drought also should be set up. Furthermore, sanitation in many regions should be improved because countries with a good infrastructure for drainage and disposal of human waste have far fewer direct health problems during water-related disasters. read more


World’s Best Female Handball Coach 2013 Contest starts tonight! Handball-Planet.com with the strong support of handball journalists and the fans from all over the world, the third year in a row will choose the best coach in Women’s handball on the Planet. Jury consisted of 12 handball specialists from Germany, Brazil, Austria, Serbia, Spain, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Romania and Norway, made official nominations for the five best coaches in 2013 in their opinion. Visitors of Handball-Planet.com will add the last vote as the 12th member of Jury and make the FINAL DECISION more reliable and important.Handball-Planet.com visitors have a chance to vote for one of the five candidates for the World’s Best Coach in Women’s Handball in 2013.NOMINATIONS AND VOTINGVOTE UNTIL JANUARY 5!Jury members:Bjorn Pazen (Germany, Handball-Woche)Jozsef Simon (Hungary, Nemzeti Sport)Wojciech Osinski (Poland, przegladsportowy.pl)Sasa Joncic (Montenegro, vijesti.me)Adrian Costeiu (Romania, prosport.ro)Thierry Gozzer (Brazil, globoesporte.com)Patrick Andersen (Denmark, hbold.dk)Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud (Norway, timeoutmag.com)Mark Hegedus (Austria, timeoutmag.com)Nicolas Chardon – Handnews.fr TEAM (France)Zorica Radojkovic (Serbia, Balkan-Handball.com)Jorge Dargel Amigo (Spain, Marca)This is the third year of our Contest for the World’s Best Female Handball Coach.  Norwegian NT head-coach Thorir Hergeirsson was the best in 2011, while ex Hungarian head-coach Karl Erik Bohn was the best in 2012 /over 8000 votes). best handball coach 2013 ← Previous Story Larholm goes to Holstebro – Pick Szeged wants Blazenko Lackovic! Next Story → BEST COACH IN WOMEN’S HANDBALL 2013? read more

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