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Dez Bryant Backs Off Boast Says Calvin Johnson Standard

Photo by The Washington Post.A day after saying on a Dallas radio station that he could do anything Detroit record-setting receiver Calvin Johnson could do, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant backed off his statements like a cornerback trying to cover a deep route.On a conference call with Detroit writers, Bryant dismissed the comparison, saying: “I wasn’t comparing myself at all. I think a lot of people took it the wrong way. Clearly, I said there’s no comparison. That’s something that I do not do. I don’t compare myself with anybody.”Bryant’s explanation of his original comments was weak. He said he intended to say he and other receivers can catch the ball as Johnson does. Huh?“It’s just a pride thing, like I said,” Bryant added. “Calvin Johnson set the standard, set that bar high for every wide receiver in the league. I think it’s the respect, it’s really respect to him that he makes receivers like us go out there.“He broke Jerry Rice’s [single-season yards] record last year. That’s setting the bar. So for every receiver in the league, that’s what I’m saying.”Bryant said on the radio program: “I believe I can do whatever he can do. It’s just a pride thing. When it comes to football, just being on the field, it’s a mindset and having a mentality.”Lions receiver Nate Robinson scoffed at the notion that Bryant was on Johnson’s level.“Well, you know, Nate’s right — I’m not Calvin Johnson, I’m Dez Bryant,” Bryant said on SportsCenter. “I didn’t open up a can of worms. I wasn’t going out for nobody.“(The Cowboys) haven’t really said anything to me about it because they all heard what I said,” he added to ESPN. “I don’t take back anything I said because I didn’t say anything wrong. I think it’s how a lot of people are looking at it. I’m not lying about anything I’m saying. I take pride in my game. There’s a lot of stuff that I believe I can do, just besides football.” read more

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 Night King to return in

first_imgBran Stark is the Night KingFacebookGame of Thrones season 8 episode 4 featured a heartbreaking scene between Jon Snow, Tormund, and Ghost. Fans are now speculating that Night King will be back in some capacity in the last and final episode of Game of Thrones.Major spoilers:Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 “The Last of Starks” featured a very emotional scene between Jon Snow and Tormund. After the war against the White Walkers is over, the Wildings are planning to head their North — beyond the wall. Before going back to his native place, Tormund comes to Jon and tells him that he does not like to stay in Winterfell as the woman does not appreciate him — case in point, Brienne’s intimate moment with Jaime Lannister.Before exchanging goodbyes, Jon Snow asks Tormund to take his direwolf Ghost along with him. Since Jon is going South to the King’s Landing, Ghost will be healthier in a cold place i.e., Beyond the Wall.What was more troubling for fans was the fact that Jon Snow left Ghost without even petting him once! Ghost deserved at least a hug or a word from Jon but it would have made extremely hard for Jon to say goodbye if he would have stayed to kiss him for one last time.In the forthcoming episodes of Game of Thrones, we will see Jon Snow in King’s Landing — fighting Daenerys Targaryen’s battle against Cersei Lannister. In this case, the North is only attended by Sansa Stark as even Arya has left the place with The Hound.At the very same time, Tormund’s fate is not over yet. The character is far too important just to go off and leave the rest of his days in peace. Once he will head North, the actual North, he might realize something grim about the place. Maybe he will find some clues left by Night King. If something like this happens, then he will have to send a raven back to King’s Landing. It would become extremely difficult for Jon Snow to handle the battle at Red Keep as well as trying to maintain peace in the North if White Walkers or Night King will return.It would be pretty interesting to see if Night King will be back in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6. What will amaze everyone more is the fact that how Bran Stark will deal with everything.The next episode of Game of Thrones is going to air on Sunday, May 12, on HBO at 9 pm.last_img read more

US warship sails through contested Taiwan Strait tensions likely to rise

first_imgThe guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam (CG 54) is shown in the South China Sea, March 6, 2016.ReutersThe US military said on Wednesday it sent a Navy warship through the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan from China, a move likely to anger China during a period of tense relations between Washington and Beijing.Taiwan is among a growing number of flashpoints in the US-China relationship, which include a trade war, US sanctions and China’s increasingly muscular military posture in the South China Sea, where the United States also conducts freedom-of-navigation patrols.China on Wednesday warned that it is ready for war if there was any move towards Taiwan’s independence, accusing the United States of undermining global stability and denouncing its arms sales to the self-ruled island.The warship sent to the 112-mile-wide (180-km) Taiwan Strait was identified as the Antietam.”The (ship’s) transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Commander Clay Doss, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet, said in a statement. “The US Navy will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international law allows,” he added.The voyage risks raising further tensions with China but will likely be viewed by self-ruled Taiwan as a sign of support from US President Donald Trump’s administration amid growing friction between Taipei and Beijing.The United States has no formal ties with Taiwan but is bound by law to help provide the island with the means to defend itself and is its main source of arms.China has been ramping up pressure to assert its sovereignty over the island, which it considers a wayward province of “one China” and sacred Chinese territory.On Wednesday, Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian told a news briefing on a defence white paper, the first like it in several years to outline the military’s strategic concerns, that China would make its greatest effort for peaceful reunification with Taiwan.”If there are people who dare to try to split Taiwan from the country, China’s military will be ready to go to war to firmly safeguard national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity,” he said.China has repeatedly sent military aircraft and ships to circle Taiwan on exercises in the past few years and worked to isolate it internationally, whittling down its few remaining diplomatic allies.last_img read more

Mother kills self after killing two children

first_imgMap of HabiganjA housewife allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan of her house after killing her seven-month-old boy and two-year-old daughter in Niznagar village of Madhabpur upazila in Habiganj on Friday night.The deceased are Hadisa Begum, 25, wife of one shopkeeper Muzibur Rahman, and their children seven-month-old Muzahid and two-year-old Mim of the village, reports UNB.Quoting locals, police said, hearing screaming of the children, neighbours rushed to the house around 9:00pm and found the house locked from inside.Having no response from inside, locals informed the matter to Madhabpur police station.On information, police rushed there and recovered the bodies, said Chandan Kumar Chakrabarty, officer-in-charge of the police station.However, the reason behind the killing could not be known immediately, he added.last_img read more

Carlos Beltran Retires After Winning 1st World Series Title

first_imgCongrats to @carlosbeltran15 on an amazing career! We only played together for a short time but what a ride we had! I learned a lot about what being a veteran means and the impact we can have. You’re an amazing teammate and leader. What a way to bow out… a World Champion!— Justin Verlander (@JustinVerlander) November 13, 2017 Share Congratulations on a spectacular and storied career, @carlosbeltran15! Thank you for all you’ve done in Houston. Forever a champion. pic.twitter.com/SKz4O0Eol0— Houston Astros (@astros) November 13, 2017 An absolutely amazing career by Carlos Beltran. Here are all of his hits from 2001 on. pic.twitter.com/HYQlqCUHGQ— Daren Willman (@darenw) November 13, 2017 Photo via Astros’ website. Carlos Beltran made the announcement Monday, Nov. 13, 2017, 12 days after the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series.Carlos Beltran is retiring at age 40 after winning his first World Series title in his 20th major league season.The outfielder made the announcement Monday, 12 days after the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series.Beltran is a nine-time All-Star who won the 1999 AL Rookie of the Year award and three Gold Gloves.His production dropped dramatically this year. He hit .295 with 29 homers and 93 RBIs for the New York Yankees and Texas in 2016. He then batted .231 with 14 homers and 51 RBIs for Houston.He finishes with a .279 average, 435 homers, 1,587 RBIs and 312 stolen bases. He also has played for Kansas City, the New York Mets, San Francisco and St. Louis.https://t.co/fVKzuZEwMv— Carlos Beltran (@carlosbeltran15) November 13, 2017last_img read more

Behind the Buzz Five Tech Trends Defined

first_img As a small-business owner, manager or informed employee, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest technology. But with all the buzzwords out there, it can be a hassle to figure out what’s what and which trends are here to stay. Here, we offer our explanations of the technologies that are reshaping the way we do business.1. The cloud. The cloud is just another term for the Internet. So cloud computing is simply online or Web-based software and services that are often cheaper and easier to use than purchasing licenses and maintaining software on your own machines. This can apply to everything from financial software to document and file storage. But beware — not all cloud solutions are alike, and security, reliability and scalability will vary.Then there’s the banter around “private cloud” and “public cloud.” A private cloud is either a secure internal network running “behind the firewall,” where employees can access applications and data from a central location such as an intranet, or a service in which the cloud provider stores your data offsite on a dedicated server.2. Crowdsourcing. It sounds gimmicky, but crowdsourcing basically entails outsourcing work to a crowd of people. There’s real business being done through crowdsourcing sites such as crowdSPRING, CrowdFlower and Trada. To crowdsource a project, you submit an open call to a community of experts, such as software developers or graphic designers, and receive a variety of solutions or ideas in response.However, crowdsourcing isn’t always cheaper, better or faster — and there’s no guarantee you’ll get back quality, usable material. “The overlooked cost is the need to filter through the crowd’s ideas to determine which ones have the potential to solve the problem,” says Laura Schoppe, president at Fuentek LLC, a consulting firm specializing in intellectual property and technology transfer. “The idea also must be free and clear to be adopted,” she adds. To see how small businesses are using crowdsourcing, click here.3. SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about driving traffic to your website. It consists of various practices meant to improve the chances that people coming from search engines like Google or Bing will find your business online. For example, if you sell home aquariums in Buffalo, you want to make sure your website appears high on the list next time someone does a search for “home aquarium, Buffalo.”Tactics include using strategic keywords across your website, tagging content and coding the site to make it SEO-friendly. However, be sure to steer clear of questionable practices that try to fool the system, or you could get blacklisted by the search engines.Also, a big part of SEO is having a clearly defined target market, and optimizing your site to reach it rather than a general audience. “Most SMB decision-makers have a target market within 15 miles of their office,” says John Caughell, marketing coordinator for Argentstratus, which provides hosted productivity software for health care organizations. “Optimizing your website to reach people 6,000 miles away … seems like a waste of resources.” 4. Unified communications. UC is perhaps one of the most misunderstood tech terms. An industry website describes it like this: “UC supports the enterprise to manage various types of communications across multiple devices and applications, while integrating with back-office applications, systems and business processes, with the goal of improving business agility and results, leading to increased revenues, decreased costs and improved customer service.” Huh?UC is really this: merging more than one type of communications tool, such as Web conferencing and instant messaging, into a single interface or integrated system. Skype could be considered a UC system because you can switch back and forth between video and phone calls. Unified messaging (where voice, text and email messages all filter into your inbox) and “presence” technologies are also commonly found in UC systems. Do you need it? That depends on how often you need to connect and collaborate online.  5. Virtualization. This technology has been around for many years, but it’s still confusing, particularly since you can “virtualize” pretty much any piece of hardware or software. In other words, you’re creating a virtual version of it rather than having to get the actual version. And yes, it’s legal. The oldest form is operating system virtualization, which allows a piece of hardware to run multiple operating system images at the same time, so that you don’t have to buy and maintain as many machines.A consulting firm describes it like this: “Through virtualization induced containers, applications can be isolated from both the hardware and one another, preventing configuration conflicts that often complicate their introduction into IT systems.” I prefer this definition from the technology site ReadWriteWeb: “Do you have a Mac? You can run Windows on it, too. How? Virtualization.”No doubt, this is a short list of the tech terms that drive small-business owners batty. But it’s up to you to interpret the buzz and determine which technologies you should invest in. “As a buyer, I look for value, not buzz,” says Kevin Elliott, CEO and founder of mobile app developing firm WeLike LLC. “Often, things I buy were buzzing … but only after I determined that there was substance did I buy.”© Business on Main How Success Happens Brought to you by Business on Main Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. September 12, 2011 5 min read Listen Nowlast_img read more

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