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FALL RIVER Mass — Prosecutors in a murder case a

first_imgFALL RIVER, Mass. — Prosecutors in a murder case against Aaron Hernandez won’t be allowed to tell a jury about two other killings with which the ex-New England Patriot is charged or the final text messages the victim sent to his sister, a judge ruled Friday.Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder in the June 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee. He has also pleaded not guilty to the fatal shootings of two men in 2012 after an encounter at a Boston nightclub.Prosecutors have said Hernandez may have showed Lloyd the spot where the double shooting allegedly took place, and suggested that was a possible motive for killing Lloyd. “I don’t think that it’s fair to say these things aren’t relevant,” said Assistant District Attorney William McCauley.But Judge E. Susan Garsh, after hearing arguments, said the prosecution’s theory is “clearly in the realm of speculation” and “does not comport with common sense.” She said there was no demonstrated link between the two crimes and disallowed the introduction of the 2012 homicides.Garsh also said she would not admit the final text messages sent by Lloyd to his sister, including one sent just minutes before he was shot to death at an industrial park near Hernandez’s North Attleborough home.Prosecutors say Lloyd sent the messages while in a car with Hernandez and suggested they showed he had become fearful. One said “U saw who I’m with” and another indicated the person was “NFL,” referring to Hernandez, adding “just so u know.”McCauley suggested Hernandez stopped somewhere on the way to the spot Lloyd was killed, saying investigators found dirt in his car’s tires that didn’t match soil from the crime scene. The car, which had been in “pristine shape” when Lloyd was picked up, was later found to be scratched and the side mirror missing, he said.Defense lawyers called it “rank speculation” that the texts indicated fear and said they were inadmissible.Garsh said the texts did not suggest any hostility and that prosecutors didn’t meet the burden to prove Lloyd felt he was at an “imminent death.”Jury selection is scheduled to start Jan. 9. Patriots coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft have been listed by prosecutors as possible witnesses.Garsh also ruled that prosecutors may not introduce the shooting of Alexander Bradley, a former associate of Hernandez. Bradley has filed a civil suit against Hernandez that says the ex-player shot him in the face in 2013 after an argument in Florida.Massachusetts prosecutors sought to admit a range of evidence related to the ex-player’s other alleged crimes or “bad acts,” including the Boston homicides, firearms found at Hernandez’s home or elsewhere and even a photograph obtained from the celebrity gossip website TMZ that depicts Hernandez holding a gun.His attorneys warned against compromising his right to a fair trial. “It is critical that this trial be about the murder of Odin Lloyd,” defense attorney James Sultan said.The judge allowed in some evidence relating to firearms, but disallowed the photograph.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

WASHINGTON — Before his teams 21 loss to the Nat

first_imgWASHINGTON — Before his team’s 2-1 loss to the Nationals on April 8, Mets Manager Terry Collins was meeting with reporters, preparing for questions about lineup decisions, when GM Sandy Alderson spoke up from the back of the room.“Hey, Terry. Here’s your lineup for tomorrow,” Alderson said, then reached over and handed a blue card to Collins.Finishing the bit, Collins put the prop in a pocket and joked, “I was waiting for that all day.”Before their team even played its second game of the season, Collins and Alderson were drawn into a debate over whether the skipper or the front office is figuring out who bats where.That includes curiosity about Curtis Granderson leading off instead of Juan Lagares, David Wright’s move to the No. 2 spot from his usual No. 3, and pitcher Jacob deGrom hitting eighth instead of ninth.As it turned out, deGrom came up in a key spot with two men aboard in the second inning, tried to sacrifice them over, but popped up a bunt that first baseman Ryan Zimmerman made a headfirst dive to grab.“That makes a big difference in the game,” said deGrom (0-1), who allowed Zimmerman’s two-run homer in the first.Another important moment involved Granderson later in that inning. With the bases loaded and the count full, he struck out looking at an 86 mph slider from Jordan Zimmermann (1-0) that Granderson thought was a ball. When the call came from umpire Mike Everitt, Granderson leaned in for a chat.“I thought it was up,” Granderson said. “He said otherwise.” Through two games, the Mets have scored one earned run.As for the lineup choices, Collins and Alderson knew that topic would arise.“Well, first of all, you want to know who wrote that lineup? Who came up with it first? And he came up with it on about February 18 — (bench coach) Bob Geren,” Collins said before the game. “So I mean, sources around here, a lot of them don’t know what they’re talking about.”Asked whether he’s been told who should play and who should sit, Collins replied: “Absolutely not.”“The one thing the manager has in his power is this,” Collins said, referring to a lineup card. “He’s got one hammer, and that’s who plays. And I am certainly very, very lucky to have that hammer.”Alderson, for his part, said: “Look, I didn’t have any conversation with Terry about the lineup. I didn’t talk to Bob Geren about the lineup. I was probably as surprised as many about the lineup. But that’s his prerogative.”(HOWARD FENDRICH, AP Sports Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

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Following the deadly shooting in Parkland Florida

first_imgFollowing the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida, there’s a national movement driven by young people for stricter gun control measures. And that debate is playing out here at home. When it comes to the rate of gun ownership, conceal carry licensing, and hunting, North Carolina ranks in right in the middle.But what about gun culture in the Tar Heel State? Is it changing?Earlier this month, at various locations across the state, it may have felt that way. Thousands gathered to attend rallies for the “March for Our Lives,” organized in response to the Parkland, Florida shootings in which 17 people died.Among those protesting was Wake Forest University student Amy Weinstock.“What I would say most about gun violence is the fact that this is the only country where this is a problem,” says Weinstock. “In every other developed, non-war zone country, they don’t have these kinds of issues. They don’t have to march for guns. And it’s a really sad reality that Columbine was over 20 years ago, and we’re still fighting these things.”Weinstock was joined by hundreds of students, educators and community members in downtown Winston-Salem.Just about an hour’s drive north, at the Rockingham County Gun Club, gun owner Brian Becraft is teaching his girlfriend how to shoot for the very first time. He urges caution when it comes to moving forward on any legislation, but he adds that things are different now.“Not to say that the Florida shooting was the only time I’d thought about gun control, but after that one, the signs to it were just so clear,” says Becraft. “We need to do something to stop people like that.”At the clubhouse here, gun hobbyist Lil Alverson says her biggest concern is that since the shooting, people are acting inappropriately and putting the blame where it doesn’t belong.“We don’t need any new gun laws, because guns don’t shoot people,” says Alverson. “Criminals shoot people.”This state has traditionally been pretty gun-friendly, at least when it comes to its laws. North Carolina was given a D minus—just shy of receiving an F—by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. But gun culture—and whether it’s changing—is harder to measure, especially in this emotionally charged environment, according to Elon Poll Director Jason Husser.“I don’t have good data on where North Carolinians overall currently stand on the issue,” he says. “The topic leads to people hanging up. And so, we try to ask survey questions that get people through the entire survey.”But we do know this: nationally, more than three-quarters of Americans want gun laws to be more strict than they are today. That’s up 7 percent from last fall, according to a recent Ipsos/NPR poll. Here in North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper has stated his full support for those measures, and more.So, is change in the air? David Yamane authors the blog Gun Culture 2.0. He says, maybe, but it began years ago.“A lot of people were disappointed after Sandy Hook because no legislation was passed immediately.  But what did happen was a[n] infusion of money and organization into the gun control movement that hadn’t been there previously, so that when the Parkland shooting happened, the students there were able to come into a situation in which a lot of the groundwork had already been laid for their success.”But a new Associated Press poll finds that nearly half of Americans do not expect elected officials to take action. Yamane says the challenge for gun control proponents is that public opinion is always filtered through the structure of our representative government. “Currently in North Carolina, we have a general assembly that is very heavily dominated by the Republican Party,” says Yamane. “And so, it doesn’t really matter if the overall population in the state favors these gun control measures. Without getting the Republicans in the assembly on board, nothing is going to happen. And the same can be said at the federal level.”Yamane’s referring to lawmakers like North Carolina Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. They’re among the top four beneficiaries of money from the National Rifle Association in the entire Congress.In Tillis’ narrow 2014 senate victory, he received $4.5 million dollars against his opponent, then-incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan. In 2016 Burr received nearly $5.6 million dollars for his re-election campaign.Burr says as far as reform goes, we need to lay everything on the table that’s constitutional. But, in an interview with WFDD this month, he adds that solving the problem of gun violence by changing the laws won’t be easy.”If you take the guns away, terrorist acts happen with knives,” he says. “If you take the knives away, terrorist acts happen with cars. So, crazy people do weird things.”Neither Burr nor Tillis have publicly endorsed the restrictions on guns being demanded by the March for Our Lives movement. But emotions are running high, with people coming out in droves to say, “Enough.” Earlier this month, about 70 protesters marched outside of Burr’s local office to send a message to their senator.Cary Clifford was among them. She says there’s a political price to be paid for inaction.“Richard Burr has gotten $7 million dollars in NRA support over his career,” says Clifford. “That is a sickening fact, and he needs to be held accountable.”Recent national polls show gun violence to be the number one issue worrying Americans, with roughly two-thirds saying guns will be an important factor in their vote in the midterm elections.last_img read more

The experience of natural spaces brimming with gr

first_imgThe experience of natural spaces, brimming with greenish light, the smells of soil and the quiet fluttering of leaves in the breeze can calm our frenetic modern lives. It’s as though our very cells can exhale when surrounded by nature, relaxing our bodies and minds. Some people seek to maximize the purported therapeutic effects of contact with the unbuilt environment by embarking on sessions of forest bathing, slowing down and becoming mindfully immersed in nature. But in a rapidly urbanizing world, green spaces are shrinking as our cities grow out and up. Scientists are working to understand how green spaces, or lack of them, can affect our mental health. A study published Monday in the journal PNAS details what the scientists say is the largest investigation of the association between green spaces and mental health. Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark found that growing up near vegetation is associated with an up to 55 percent lower risk of mental health disorders in adulthood. Kristine Engemann, the biologist who led the study, combined decades of satellite imagery with extensive health and demographic data of the Danish population to investigate the mental health effects of growing up near greenery. “The scale of this study is quite something,” says Kelly Lambert, a neuroscientist at the University of Richmond who studies the psychological effects of natural spaces. Smaller studies have hinted that lack of green space increases the risk of mood disorders and schizophrenia and can even affect cognitive development.But more practical factors, like socioeconomic status, family history of mental illness, and urbanization can also have large effects on mental health. Wealthier families, for instance, might be able to afford to live in neighborhoods with more access to nature and also have access to other wealth-related resources that could enhance childhood development. To isolate the effects of nature from so many potential confounding factors requires a large and rich data set. The Danish Civil Registration System is just that.Created in 1968, the system assigns a personal identification number to every Danish citizen and records gender, place of birth and parents’ PINs. A PIN links individuals across multiple databases, including mental health records, and is updated with changes of residence. “It’s an incredibly rich source of data,” says Engemann. The researchers’ final data set comprised nearly 1 million Danes who were born between 1985 and 2003 and for whom they had longitudinal records of mental health, socioeconomic status and place of residence.Satellite data extending back to 1985 allowed the researchers to calculate vegetation density around each residence. Unfortunately these data can’t distinguish an old-growth forest from an overgrown field, but in general the more greenery that is packed into a plot of land, the higher the vegetation density.Armed with these data, the researchers compared the risk of developing 16 different mental health disorders in adulthood with how much green space surrounded each child’s residence. And because they had yearly income, work history and education level, they could weigh the relative contribution of green space against socioeconomics of the parents and neighborhood. After accounting for those potential confounding factors, the researchers found that growing up near green space was associated with a lower risk of developing psychiatric illness in adulthood by anywhere from 15 percent to 55 percent, depending on the specific illness. For example, alcoholism was most strongly associated with lack of green space growing up, and risk of developing an intellectual disability was not associated with green space.The strength of the association between green space and risk of psychiatric disorder was similar to other factors known to influence mental health, like socioeconomic status. According to Engemann, it is estimated that about 20 percent of the adult Danish population will suffer from poor psychiatric health within any given year, making these slight changes in risk potentially important.”Green space seemed to have an association that was similar in strength to other known influences on mental health, like history of mental health disorders in the family, or socioeconomic status,” says Engemann. What’s more, the effect of green space was “dosage dependent” — the more of one’s childhood spent close to greenery, the lower the risk of mental health problems in adulthood.Engemann cautions that the study does have limitations: “It’s purely correlational, so we can’t definitively say that growing up near green space reduces risk of mental illness.” Establishing cause and effect for variables like these is incredibly difficult, according to Engemann. Still, the breadth and depth of data used for this analysis add to the circumstantial evidence linking green space and mental health. “The effect is remarkable,” says Lambert. “If we were talking about a new medicine that had this kind of effect the buzz would be huge, but these results suggest that being able to go for a walk in the park as a kid is just as impactful.”The greenery association with better mental health held across both rural and urban areas of Denmark. “You could grow up in very urban areas but still have reduced risk if you’re surrounded by green spaces,” says Engemann.The study also can’t address how different kinds of green space — and how people use it — affect mental health. Are forests more impactful than sparer park spaces? Do you need to actively use these spaces, or is simply growing up near greenery enough? These are questions Engemann hopes future studies can answer.One large question remains: Why? What is it about growing up near trees, shrubs and grass that seems to boost resilience against developing mental health problems? Lambert suggests the explanation might run deep, evolutionarily speaking. She says we evolved surrounded by green space, and something about being exposed to our “native” environment might have powerful physiological and psychological effects. Additionally, more green space might simply encourage more social interaction, exercise, or decrease air and noise pollution, all of which are known to impact mental health. Even exposure to a wider diversity of microbes in childhood could play a role.”There are a lot of potential mechanisms to follow up on, but generally I think this study is tremendously important,” says Lambert. “It suggests that something as simple as better city planning could have profound impacts on the mental health and well-being of all of us.”Jonathan Lambert is an intern on NPR’s Science Desk. You can follow him on Twitter: @evolambert Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Boston Police homicide team responded to an overdo

first_imgBoston Police homicide team responded to an overdose case on Thursday morning at Commercial Wharf, where a man died.More information will be added to this post as it become available.last_img

In light of the recently passed Federal Tax Bill

first_imgIn light of the recently passed Federal Tax Bill, the City of Boston is accepting prepayments before year-end for 2018 third quarter property taxes, normally due February 1st.Starting in 2018, taxpayers will no longer be allowed to deduct state and local property and income taxes over $10,000 from their federal income taxes. Given the high real estate prices in Boston, especially downtown, many property owners will exceed that $10,000 limit. Others may decide not to itemize in 2018 given higher standard deductions in the new tax bill. But, if you pay your tax bills early – in December – and itemize your 2017 federal income tax, you may be able to deduct the property tax payment from this year’s federal income tax.The City of Boston has setup a website with more information on how to prepay your property taxes. Although not due until February 1, 2018, property owners can prepay in person by Dec. 29th or by mail (P.O. Box 9711 Boston, MA 02114-9711) postmarked no later than Dec. 31, 2017. Checks MUST INCLUDE Ward and Parcel Number and Property Address.*Advertisement* Invoices will not go out until January 2018, but you can estimate your tax due from using the amount on your last (November) invoice (any additional tax is still due by 2/1/18).Online payments will not be available until invoices are issued in January 2018, so prepayments must be mailed with a check or in person.Estimated state income tax payments for Massachusetts can also be made at this link.Ed: This post does not constitute tax or financial advice of any kind. Please consult your accountant or attorney as needed.last_img read more

A community meeting will be held on January 23 6

first_imgA community meeting will be held on January 23, 6:30 PM at the Nazzaro Center regarding proposed improvements for Langone & Puopolo Parks on Commercial Street in Boston’s North End. This will be the second session in a series of community meetings organized by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.last_img

Coolidge on The Greenway will return for the fifth

first_imgCoolidge on The Greenway will return for the fifth year with movie screenings on The Greenway on June 18, July 16, and August 13. Boston Calling Block Parties are returning for their sixth season of live music, beer, and wine to Dewey Square Thursdays and select Tuesday evenings from mid-May through August. Discover unique local artisan crafts at the Greenway Open Market from May to October every Saturday plus the first and third Sundays of the month.Boston Public Market at Dewey Square on The Greenway will provide fresh and local wares every Tuesday and Thursday from mid-May until Thanksgiving.The North End Music & Performing Arts Center will bring Jazz in the Park: NEMPAC Summer Concert Series to The Greenway weekly on Tuesdays in July.The Asian Community Development Corporation, for the 14th year, will bring Chinese language kung fu films and movies about the Asian/American experiences to the park for Films at the Gate on August 23-25. The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy announced the 2019 programmatic lineup on The Greenway, a season brimming with possibilities including new food trucks, fitness partners, events, and more! Old friends and new visitors to The Greenway will experience a free and open public park, where over 450 FREE events will create opportunities to gather, play, unwind, and explore around every corner. This season will include a unique free musical performance experience from Celebrity Series, 100+ free fitness classes, and the return of festivals, markets, and play.*Advertisement* ‘‘With new additions to our programming every year, we’re looking forward to a season full of experiences for families, visitors, and residents to explore and discover,” said Jesse Brackenbury, Executive Director of the Greenway Conservancy. “With private support and our extensive range of partnerships, we’re able to bring free programs for all ages to The Greenway.” Discover flavors from around the world seven days a week with 36 food trucks and carts in the 2019 season of Greenway Mobile Eats. The news season of vending will begin on April 1 and offer a variety of affordable, unique cuisines across seven different locations along the park. We are excited to announce seven new vendors for 2019 including Boston SnoMobile, Caffé Pellicano, Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers, Hometown Poké, Melt, Say Pao de Queijo, and The Whoopie Wagon. The Conservancy is excited to announce this year’s play programming, with generous support from Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt and its Game On! Foundation. Youth play programming on The Greenway includes weekly sessions in Chinatown on Thursday evenings from May through September and a SaturPLAY series in partnership with the Asian Community Development Corporation’s A-VOYCE program from April to October. As in years past, the Conservancy will continue to work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and other youth organizations, hosting 14 Youth Adventure Days on The Greenway.   Covering a range of workouts and abilities, the Greenway Fitness Program will offer over 100 FREE fitness classes running from June through September as part of the Conservancy’s fourth year of partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts on Greenway Fitness. A full schedule of the 100+ free classes will be released in late May! The Conservancy is delighted to announce a 2019 partnership with Celebrity Series of Boston’s Concert for One: 1 Musician.  1 Listener. 1 Minute of Live Music. Taking place in September, this public art project is part concert series-part social experiment that will produce thrilling, intimate free concerts on The Greenway  joining one listener with one local musician for 60 seconds. The Greenway Conservancy invites visitors to experience an exciting season of hundreds of music, festivals, markets, play, and fitness events on The Greenway in 2019! The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular will be returning to The Greenway this July 4 with Bloomberg for a live simulcast of this classic Boston tradition and sensational celebration. Chinatown Main Street will return with the Chinatown Main Street Festival in early July and the Lantern Festival in early September. The Caribbean One World Expo will be July 13, and the FIGMENT Boston participatory art festival will be July 27 and 28. The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England will bring back August Moon Festival on August 11.Boston GreenFest will come to The Greenway for the first time in 2019 on August 16, 17, and 18. The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund will return to The Greenway on September 11 for the 9/11 Service Project to Support Our Troops & Families, day to support active duty service members and veterans.  September 15 will be Sustainable Business Network’s Boston Local Food Festival. The Conservancy’s full program calendar compliments all the The Greenway has to discover, from local drinkeries, contemporary public art, seven unique water features, and more! Organic lawns and gardens invite visitors to unwind, the Greenway Carousel at The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove will soon be spinning daily with a host of native New England creatures, and our free Wi-Fi network continues to stretch the entire 1.5 mile length of The Greenway.   The Conservancy is thrilled to welcome back some of our favorite season-long partners, bringing enriching experiences to the our world-class park!   A series of major festivals will take place on The Greenway in 2019, all free and open to the public. Two ticketed fundraising events will take place on The Greenway in June. At our Gala on The Greenway on June 6, we will honor Governor Charlie Baker for his leadership on behalf of the Greenway Conservancy since its inception. As a private citizen, Baker served on our founding Board of Directors and, as governor, his leadership was instrumental in creating the landmark 2017 multi-party funding agreement for The Greenway. Our event Co-Chairs are Alli & Bill Achtmeyer and Bob & Laura Reynolds; sponsorships are currently available. On the following night, June 7, guests will enjoy live music, performances, food, and beverages while supporting the Conservancy at our signature young professionals event, Glow in the Park. “The Greenway is the perfect place gather with friends, family, and out-of-town visitors,” said Keelin Caldwell, Director of Programs and Community Engagement. “From fresh, unique foods from our farmers market and food trucks to experiencing a yoga or spin class right in the heart of downtown Boston – there’s always something new to try.”    Many events are still completing permitting and are subject to weather and schedule changes. Our calendar is available online and updates are available by following The Greenway on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and signing up for our weekly e-newsletter.last_img read more

Raffy Yap executive director of City Traffic Oper

first_imgRaffy Yap, executive director of City Traffic Operations and Management (Citom), said while they were surprised by the outage, they managed to immediately detail traffic enforcers who diverted motorists from using the tunnel.“As far as I know, I have not read any advisory that the power interruption will affect the tunnel. Maybe there was an advisory but it did not mention the tunnel so it did not trigger a red (mark) on my part,” Yap said.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOPasig to sue 6 enforcers for extortionLast Dec. 27, the Visayan Electric Co. (Veco) posted on its Facebook page a scheduled power interruption affecting a large portion of barangays San Roque, Tejero, Tinago and T. Padilla.The 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. outage also included the Malacañang sa Sugbo and Fort San Pedro, where the SRP tunnel is located. A settlement between the affected motorists and the company that owned the truck is being worked out today.Yap said Cebu City Hall has no oversight authority on the SRP tunnel since it is under the management of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). /Dale G. Israel, Senior ReporterRead Next WHAT WENT BEFORE: Dengvaxia is world’s first dengue vaccine LATEST STORIES Baybayin revival makes native PH history hip PH protests Chinese boat swarm, warship passage MOST READ “These interruptions are needed to improve our facilities in the areas mentioned and to further augment our services to our valued customers,” Veco said in its Facebook account.MORE STORIESnewsinfoWHAT WENT BEFORE: Dengvaxia is world’s first dengue vaccinenewsinfoBaybayin revival makes native PH history hipnewsinfoMartial law in Negros? Military taking cue from local execsMORE STORIESnewsinfoWHAT WENT BEFORE: Dengvaxia is world’s first dengue vaccinenewsinfoBaybayin revival makes native PH history hipnewsinfoMartial law in Negros? Military taking cue from local execsDespite this, Yap said the traffic in the area was manageable since it was a Sunday.“Two mobile cars with two traffic enforcers at each of the approaches of the tunnel were deployed to divert traffic,” Yap said.He told Cebu Daily News in a phone interview that the closure was temporary and will depend on when the power is restored. “We just need to close it for safety reasons,” Yap said.Last Friday afternoon, a couple and their driver were injured in a collision with a truck that also resulted in a six car pile-up outside the SRP tunnel.ADVERTISEMENT Tolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China deal It’s time to consider taking sea row to UN – Del Rosario PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension View comments Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements Locsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilege The South Road Properties (SRP) tunnel was temporarily closed to all traffic yesterday due to a 12-hour power interruption that affected its lighting facilities.The one-kilometer long underground section of the Cebu South Coastal Road leading to the SRP tunnel was deemed “unsafe” because of “zero visibility.”ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Painters refuse to go quietlylast_img read more

A new report from Juniper Research predicts that

first_imgA new report from Juniper Research predicts that tech companies, including Apple, Google, and Amazon, will lead and set the pace for the connected/driverless car market, which is estimated to reach $600 million by 2020.[Related: The Best Autos at CES 2016]Two products, in particular, are going to influence connected cars for consumers: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.CarPlay lets drivers use the full functionality of their iPhones while driving, and integrates into a vehicle’s built-in display. Android Auto provides the same capabilities, except the service is for Android phones running Lollipop (Android version 5.0) and higher.The report indicates that Amazon will also emerge as a leader in the connected car space. Amazon recently announced its partnership with Ford to use the Amazon Echo–a voice-controlled smart home voice assistant–to voice control Ford vehicles. For example, users can ask Alexa to remote start the car from inside their homes, or open the garage door as they pull into their neighborhoods. This will all be a result of the integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Ford’s SYNC connection system.“Connected cars” and “autonomous/driverless vehicles” refer to two different types of technology. Connected cars are cars which can perform machine-to-machine (M2M) or human-to-machine interaction (using a smartphone to interact with a car, for instance).Driverless, autonomous cars are ones which require no or very little human interaction to operate. Examples include Google’s Self-Driving Car project  and Toyota’s “Highway Teammate” prototype due in 2020.High-tech vehicles are poised to become so commonplace that the U.S. government has started setting policy and working with the auto industry to ensure safety standards. Recently, the U.S. Department of Transportation embarked on a pilot program with the automakers to develop guidelines on the safe deployment and operation of driverless cars and other details. 6. Pharos Capital Group L.L.C.Apple and Google Introducing Ethnic EmojisGoogle is Looking for Podcasters and Creators of Color be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 read more

By Rosemarie Leja UPF Germany The International C

first_imgBy Rosemarie Leja, UPF GermanyThe International Café has become an established tradition in the Gießen branch of UPF. Over the years, many topics have been addressed, many countries and their traditions introduced, and many personal experiences shared.At the event on 23 March, Ronak Rajabi told us about her life in Iran and her new start in Germany. She was born in 1993 in Iran; because of difficulties presented by the government she was not able to complete studies in her chosen field of IT. At the age of 20, she came as a refugee to Germany.She told us about the 1980 Islamic revolution and the dramatic consequences it had for the people of Iran some of which still reverberate today.Religion and politics are not separated any more, resulting in a massive interference in many aspects of daily life. Women can only be seen in public if they are veiled and a vice-squad makes sure that these rules are obeyed.The suppression of freedom and denial of human rights naturally bring resistance and protest. Many people, especially the youth, have been imprisoned and are subjected to mistreatment and torture.Ronak escaped from this situation in 2013. She has lived since then in Germany and is doing an apprenticeship. Her parents were able to come to Germany three-and-a-half years later.Her presentation stimulated many questions. One question pertained to young people in Iran and to the high standard of education despite adverse conditions. The answer was very revealing; because the university is the only venue where young men and women can engage with each other freely and become informed and knowledgeable, it is a very desirable place to be. This is why a lot of energy is invested in studying.It is Ronak‘s wish to make people in Germany and Europe aware of the situation in her country and to draw attention to the suffering of the inhabitants.There is always hope that one day all people can live in peace and that human dignity will be universally respected.UPF with its many events and connections at an international level, continues to make an important contribution to fulfill this dream of mankind.last_img read more

After making a down payment of K15 million I wen

first_img “After making a down payment of K15 million, I went to the site to inspect it, but was confronted by the other buyer, who accused me of trespassing,” he said.   The case is now being tried in Chan Aye Tharzan township court. “I don’t know who is responsible for this and I don’t know who gave out two titles for the same land, but I want the public to know this can happen so they will be cautious before entering a land deal,” U Naing Lin said. “When I received the reply of the MCDC, it told me my title was a fake. I want the truth to be revealed, as I am suffering from this,” said U Naing Lin. – Translated Fraudulent land sale alleged in Mandalay At a press conference, property buyer U Naing Lin said he paid K600 million for a piece of land in Myothit No.1 ward and was issued a title for the land even though it had been bought by another buyer named U Arkar for K620 million, who also has a title for the same piece of land. A single land plot in Mandalay was sold twice to different people, one of the affected buyers has told the media.center_img U Naing Lin said the situation arose partly due to government negligence when issuing deeds. “The swindlers are free, and the affected parties have had to sue each other. As far as I can tell, part of the fault lies with the Mandalay City Development Committee’s (MCDC) Department of Deeds, as it could not determine that the ownership documents submitted by the seller for the land I bought were incorrect or fake,” said U Naing Lin. The original owner of the land has filed a police complaint of cheating and forgery against one man, but the accused claims that he was acting on the instructions of a property broker. There are two different land titles for the same property – one for the land sold by an individual to U Arkar and another for the land sold by a property broker to U Naing Lin. U Naing Lin said he discovered the problem when he went to inspect the land. Khin Su Wai 31 Jul 2019 last_img read more

Nightmare Matchup for UFCs Biggest Stars

first_img Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars MMA Fighting Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Good Night Tee Sale Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career More: Standard BJJ Gi Should Frankie Edgar finally fight at bantamweight? Coach Ricardo Almeida weighs in Latest From MMA Warehouse Accessories Standard Ranked Rashguard Video: Aalon Cruz scores ridiculous jumping knee KO on Contender Series Gloves Gordon Ryan Competition Kit Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contendercenter_img Morning Report: Jorge Masvidal praises Conor McGregor: ‘The dude is a f*cking G, bro’ Latest From Our Partners Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Colby Covington rips ‘diva’ Robbie Lawler for leaving American Top Team over a photo Dana White addresses contender status of Colby Covington, Leon Edwards, Corey Anderson ProMax 440 BJJ GI More From There have been some visible growing pains for Bellator on the new Paramount Network.Though Paramount and Spike, which Bellator called home since 2013, are technically the same channel, ratings have dropped since parent company Viacom rebranded the station in January. Bellator 197 represented a new low-water mark for the Scott Coker era, averaging just 242,000 viewers on Paramount. The four cards before that averaged fewer than 500,000 viewers. Just about every figure is down in the Spike-to-Paramount transition.While the number of the channel has not changed, Paramount has a whole new personality compared to Spike, which for a long time was billed as a men’s network. Paramount has designs on hour-long dramas and movies, not unlike an FX or an AMC. Spike was heavy on reality television and for a long time was the home of MMA on cable, beginning with the UFC.“They just switched, so they’re working on all this new, scripted programming and it’s gonna take time,” Coker told MMA Fighting in a recent interview. “But [MMA] is a business that’s gonna go up and down, up and down, up and down, based on who’s fighting. And actually how good of a job we do promoting. To me, there’s gonna be ups and downs in this business. I think we’re gonna have some big peaks and there’s gonna be some medium bites. That’s just the nature of this business.”Bellator got some good news last week when the ratings came back for Bellator 198, which was headlined by a heavyweight grand prix tournament bout between heavyweight legends Fedor Emelianenko and Frank Mir. After the DVR numbers and West Coast replay numbers came in, the card averaged 838,000 viewers between Paramount and CMT (which also had a live telecast) with Emelianenko vs. Mir averaging an impressive 1.5 million viewers.With NBA and NHL playoffs that same night, Coker said he was very happy how things ended up.“I think that we broke through the clutter of all that,” Coker said. “I think Fedor and Mir collectively did a great job promoting and I think our guys did a great job making sure that we did everything that we could to get eyeballs on this fight. “If it wasn’t for the NBA playoffs and hockey playoffs, it think it would have been a much bigger number. But I’ll take 1.5 million.”Coker added that, on digital, more than 10 million people watched the Bellator 198 countdown shows.Bellator will be right back at it with another big card Saturday night from San Jose, Calif. In the headliner, light heavyweight champion Ryan Bader meets Muhammed Lawal in the final first-round matchup of the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix. UFC veterans Paul Daley and Jon Fitch face off in the co-main event. The winner of Bader vs. Lawal will face Matt Mitrione in the semifinals of the tournament. On the other side of the bracket, Emelianenko will take on Chael Sonnen in what will be one of the biggest fights in Bellator history.“I think the Chael fight with Fedor will do a big number,” Coker said. “I think as far as the future with Paramount, the sky is the limit. We can grow this thing as big as we want.”When all is said and done, the hope, Coker said, is to position Paramount as a network with premium content, not unlike HBO and Showtime. But without having to pay extra for it in your cable package.“HBO has their boxing, Showtime has their boxing and Paramount has their MMA,” Coker said. “We just have to continue pounding it out there and doing a good job to promote it, because I feel like at the end of the day the network is gonna have some amazing shows and we’re gonna be a part of that.” Lockdown duffle bag Apparel King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement ABC passes rule alteration to definition of grounded fighter Bellator MMAlast_img read more

Burro Bar Debuts a Weekend Brunch Menu

first_imgBurro Bar Debuts a Weekend Brunch Menu French toast topped with caramelized plantains, saucy street corn, and more Latin-inspired eats have landed in Brookline. 4/5/2017, 11:48 a.m. 000 Devoted foodies and restaurant newbies love The Feed. Sign-up now for our twice weekly newsletter. By Alex Wilking· center_img Brunch at Burro Bar in Brookline. / Photo providedBy now, the late-morning Benedicts at Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar and hefty taco plates from the Painted Burro are ingrained in our brunch rotation. It only seems right that the new Brookline sibling spot gets in on the action. To kick off April, Burro Bar debuted its own weekend brunch service, complete with egg-drenched eats and plenty of fruity cocktails.The menu sticks to the Latin American-inspired direction chef and owner Joe Cassinelli launched with in Washington Square, showcasing influences from Mexican regions like Oaxaca and Baja. Highlights include the Burro Benedict, with ham, refried beans, and chili hollandaise; small plates like the Mexican street corn esquites, served off the cob and topped with garlic mojo, peppers, and cilantro; and the El Montanero “Superbeasto,” a monstrous mix of fried eggs, chorizo, rice, and charro beans. Check out the full menu below.To drink, sip spins on mimosas and bloody Marias, or go for a house concoction like Hair of the Dog horchata, or the Modelo Michelada, a beer cocktail with tomato juice and fresh herbs. A selection of non-alcoholic drinks, Fazenda Coffee, and Mem Teas are also available.Burro Bar brunch runs every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.1665 Beacon St., Washington Square, Brookline, 617-277-0427, to view largerBrunch at Burro Bar in Brookline. / Photo provided Sign up for The Feed. The latest on the city’s restaurants scene.* Printlast_img read more

Rallies and Vigils to Happen around Boston after Charlottesville Violence

first_img 066 By Amber Miles· Sign up for Boston Daily. News. Commentary. Every day.* News Rallies and Vigils to Happen around Boston after Charlottesville Violence Boston-area demonstrations this week seek to reject hate and violence after a white supremacist rally left three dead. Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! center_img Print 8/14/2017, 5:39 p.m. Photo via APAfter a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville erupted into violence this weekend, groups all over the nation are organizing to reject hate and violence. Here are some of the vigils, rallies, and marches happening in Boston over the next week.“Arlington Solidarity with Charlottesville and Action Gathering”Gatherers in Arlington are invited to write postcards calling for a federal task force on “fighting hate,” make cards for victims of the violence in Charlottesville, and create posters for the “Fight Supremacy! Boston Counter-Protest & Resistance Rally,” which will take place at Boston Common on Saturday. There will also be speeches and singing. August 16, 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m., First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington,“Our Ville Stands with Your Ville: Charlottesville Vigil”Together with Temple B’nai Brith and Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church, the City of Somerville will host a vigil in honor of Charlottesville. The Somerville Human Rights Commission and First Church Somerville are also involved. Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz, Rev. Alan Fairfax, Mayor Joe Curtatone, and Board of Aldermen president Bill White are scheduled to speak.August 16, 6 p.m.-8 p.m., Davis Square Plaza Statue Park, Somerville,“Solidarity with Charlottesville: Confronting the Nazi Menace”The International Socialist Organization of Boston will host a discussion of “how we can build a movement to confront the nazi menace” on Thursday, according to the event’s Facebook page.August 17, 7 p.m.-9 p.m., 358 Washington St., Dorchester Center,“Fight Supremacy! Boston Counter-Protest & Resistance Rally” In response to a right-wing rally expected to happen at Boston Common on Saturday, a two mile march will bring counter-protesters from the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center to Boston Common. The march is organized by Monica Cannon-Grant, DiDi Delgado, Angie Camacho, and Chanelle Helm.August 19, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Boston Common, Boston, Organizers recommend that participants bring water, weather-appropriate attire, and comfortable shoes.“Stand for Solidarity”The Coalition to Organize and Mobilize Boston Against Trump in partnership with Answer Coalition Boston will host a rally outside the Boston State House on Saturday.August 19, 12 p.m.-4 p.m., Boston State House, Boston, read more

On the Market A Cozy Cabin in the Mountains

first_imgOn the Market: A Cozy Cabin in the Mountains Its walls were made for hanging taxidermy. Sign up for our weekly home and property newsletter, featuring homes for sale, neighborhood happenings, and more. 000 1/12/2018, 9:32 a.m. Sign up for Home & Property newsletters. Design, real estate, and pretty things for living.*center_img By Madeline Bilis· Photo via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty579 Center Road, GoshenPrice: $368,000Size: 2,568 square feetBedrooms: 2Baths: 1.75This cozy cabin in New Hampshire enjoys the best of every season. It’s a few steps from Lake Gunnison, ideal for relaxing during warmer months, and it’s minutes away from Mount Sunapee Resort, an excellent spot to ski when temps drop.The more than 2,500-square-foot home boasts a fireplaced living room with walls that seem like they were made for hanging taxidermy. It connects to a chef’s kitchen and an open-concept dining area with doors that open to the backyard. A mudroom and an oversized garage make space to stash outdoor gear, and outside, there’s a hot tub and a fire pit for unwinding after a day on the slopes.For information, contact Anita Billado, Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty, via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyPhoto via Four Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyThe Boston Home team has curated a list of the best home design and home remodeling professionals in Boston, including architects, builders, kitchen and bath experts, lighting designers, and more. Get the help you need with FindIt/Boston’s guide to home renovation pros. Printlast_img read more

Five OneBedroom Apartments for 1700 or Less per Month

first_img By Sofia Rivera· 11/7/2018, 12:21 p.m. 707 Photo via ZumperApartment hunting in Boston is overwhelming for a whole slew of reasons—heavy competition, pricing, and spiraling out of control on Craigslist are just a few of them. So, for your convenience, we’re highlighting a few Zumper listings with one unique characteristic. This round, it’s places asking $1,700 or less per month—because who has thousands to drop on a rental, anyway?Below, peruse five one-bedroom apartments for rent in Boston for $1,700 or less per month.1. 65 Beach Street #2, ChinatownBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1Rent: $1,450 per monthAvailable now, this second-floor Chinatown apartment is quite the rare find. It’s situated just outside the Chinatown gate, yet still only asks $1,450 per month. The place was renovated last year—it boasts a new stove in the kitchen, space for an office, and, of course, an extremely convenient location.2. Concord Avenue #1, SomervilleBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1Rent: $1,700 per monthA large back deck, glossy hardwood floors, and bright bay windows are a few of this unit’s desirable features. Louvered bifold doors separate the bedroom from the living room, lending an open air to the apartment while still offering the option for privacy. Available December 15, this Somerville suite is a few minutes walking to Inman Square, and 15 to Harvard. 3. 1238 Commonwealth Avenue #54, AllstonBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1Rent: $1,700 per monthIn an apartment awash with white and wood tones, its lemon-yellow tub is a refreshing pop of color. Other welcome surprises include asymmetrical cabinets, plenty of closet storage, and an in-building elevator. Parking just behind the building is available for an extra monthly fee, but this pad’s location—just off the B Line and across the street from the bustle of Harvard Avenue—nearly eliminates the need for a car. 4. 74 Craigie Street, SomervilleBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1Rent: $1,500 per monthAttention, cat-lovers! Feline friends are welcome in this Spring Hill abode. The bathroom’s sea-foam green tiled walls and glass shower doors add to its retro appeal. The unit features comforts for a fickle New England climate: a built-in air conditioner cools down the living room in warmer weather and wall-to-wall carpeting keeps things cozy in colder months. 5. Westgate Road #4,Chestnut HillBedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 1Rent: $1,500 per monthHeat and hot water may be semi-standard costs to include in rent, but this Chestnut Hill treasure also grants access to an in-ground swimming pool and a pair of tennis courts. Bridging the Brookline-Newton border, this place is bordered by quaint residential streets and large swaths of green space such as Hancock Woods. Available now, the unit is close to several bus routes.Note: Although Zumper’s apartment inventory is updated in real time, these listings are not guaranteed to be available. Check in with a listing’s leasing office to confirm availability and to schedule tours.The Boston Home team has curated a list of the best home design and home remodeling professionals in Boston, including home accent décor, lighting experts, and more. Get the help you need with FindIt/Boston’s guide to home renovation pros. Printcenter_img Sign up for Home & Property newsletters. Design, real estate, and pretty things for living.* Sign up for our weekly home and property newsletter, featuring homes for sale, neighborhood happenings, and more. For Sale/Rent Five One-Bedroom Apartments for $1,700 or Less per Month Featuring a surprisingly affordable spot just beyond the Chinatown gate.last_img read more

FixerUpper Friday An 1890 SingleFamily Near Revere Beach

first_img By Sofia Rivera· 5/31/2019, 11:34 a.m. 000 For Sale/Rent Fixer-Upper Friday: An 1890 Single-Family Near Revere Beach An attic and basement could expand the living space in this 1890 home, which is a short walk to the Revere Beach Boulevard. Printcenter_img Sign up for our weekly home and property newsletter, featuring homes for sale, neighborhood happenings, and more. Sign up for Home & Property newsletters. Design, real estate, and pretty things for living.* Photo by Eric Clark Photography114 Florence Ave., ReverePrice: $388,888Size: 1,495 square feetBedrooms: 3Baths: 1.5In the summertime in Boston, each weekend offers an essential choice: To bop around the city, or go to the beach? The Hub boasts a plethora of warm weather activities—from alfresco movie screenings to free fitness classes—but the beach has, well, the beach. Fortunately, this Revere home allows you to split your coveted midsummer days between Boston and the beach with ease. Located less than a half mile from the Revere Beach T stop, you can either flip-flop down to the seaside, or hop on the Blue Line and arrive downtown in 30 minutes.Though its location is ideal, the home itself could use a little TLC. Oodles of wood panelling call for an update to brighten the space, and a handful of drop ceilings would dazzle with a coffered makeover. The eat-in is in great shape, with modern appliances, two sinks, and a separate nook with additional storage and prep space, but some new paint and granite counters would round it out nicely. Both bathrooms could also use some love, though the cubby-sized half bath would benefit from some extra elbow grease.For zealous fixer-uppers, an unfinished basement and hardwood bedecked attic offer the chance to add some serious square footage to the house. A fresh coat of paint on its exterior would make the home stand out along the tree-lined street. And when the renovations are complete, take a break on the back deck or screened-in porch, and marvel at the hilltop view of Revere and the not-too-distant ocean.For information, contact Jessica Keefe, Keller Williams Realty, jessicakeefe.kwrealty.comPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyPhoto by Eric Clark PhotographyThe Boston Home team has curated a list of the best home design and home remodeling professionals in Boston, including home builders and contractors, building supplies, custom woodworking, custom closets, heating and cooling, kitchen and bath experts, and more. Get the help you need with FindIt/Boston’s guide to home renovation pros.last_img read more

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