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A note from the editor Please consider making a v

first_imgA note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS… A court has found that London Underground twice discriminated against a disabled campaigner by failing to warn him that vital lifts that would allow him to complete his journey on the capital’s tube network were out-of-order.Doug Paulley found himself stranded and confronted with inaccurate and incomplete information and unhelpful staff on trips to London in October 2016 and May 2017.A district judge has now ruled that London Underground breached its duty to make reasonable adjustments for its disabled customers by failing to let Paulley know about lift closures on its network.The judge ruled that it was not reasonable for London Underground to expect wheelchair-users and other passengers who rely on lifts to check the organisation’s website for closures before every journey they make.London Underground will now have to do more to alert passengers when its lifts are out of order across the 12 stations with step-free access in the central zone, which should include placing white boards at station entrances to ensure passengers know about problems before they start their journey.The judge said that such measures “would not in any way place an unreasonable burden on the defendant’s resources”.He also made it clear that he knew Paulley was more interested in the principles he was fighting for than in securing damages from London Underground.On the first occasion, Paulley had been hoping to travel to King’s Cross from Westminster tube station, but he was left confused by a sign informing him that one lift was out of order and directing him to another entrance.When he reached that entrance, he found that lift was also out of order.Seven months later, he was travelling to King’s Cross by tube to catch a rail connection but had not been told that a lift at the station was out of order (pictured).After initially refusing to speak to him face-to-face or discuss other options other than catching another tube to retrace his journey, returning to the surface and catching a bus back to King’s Cross, London Underground staff eventually agreed to help Paulley up the escalator in his wheelchair.Although Paulley was able to catch his train, the judge said he was “unimpressed by the handling of the incident” by London Underground, which had initially taken an “intransigent” attitude, increasing Paulley’s frustration and causing him “detriment and worry” until a solution was found.It is not the first time that Paulley has succeeded with a legal bid to persuade London Underground to improve the information it provides to disabled passengers.Six years ago, after settling another case out-of-court, London Underground promised to update more frequently its website and written guides which show which tube stations are accessible.But Paulley says London Underground failed to do that.He was critical this week of London Underground’s failure to settle his latest case out-of-court, which has now led to him being awarded £1,000 in damages by the judge for the King’s Cross incident and £800 for the Westminster incident.He said the “sloppy lack of adherence” to procedures and standards designed to minimise disabled people’s inconvenience by London Underground staff had been “shameful and unacceptable”.He said: “I am amazed and disturbed that London Underground would spend so long, and so much money, fighting to defend such behaviour.”He said its staff had failed to follow “clear procedures” as to what they could and should do to warn disabled people about lift failures at two key step-free interchanges, Westminster and King’s Cross.He said: “If they don’t follow them there, then what chance have we that they will follow them elsewhere?”He added: “I very much hope that in future they adhere properly to suitable procedures for disseminating information and taking action when lifts break, such that other disabled people don’t go through what I did.”Mark Evers, London Underground’s chief customer officer, said: “Making London’s transport network more accessible is one of our top priorities and we understand how challenging it can be for our customers when lifts are taken out of service, either for planned maintenance or due to a fault.“We apologise to Mr Paulley for failing to provide him with the relevant information to carry out his journey.“We try hard to alert our customers in advance to any issues, for example through real-time lift information on our website, and to provide up-to-date information at stations and on trains.“We are also introducing an initiative at all step-free stations which involves distributing prompt cards to station staff to remind them of the actions to take when a lift goes out of service.“However, we acknowledge that there’s more to do. We will be considering the county court’s ruling in relation to these cases.” London Underground said it had introduced a real-time information app for station staff which allows them to report lift faults – via their iPads – directly to the control centre.It is also installing “poster frames” next to lifts in these stations and printing posters with key alternative routes that can be quickly used if there is a lift fault, a system which should be introduced at all step-free stations by the spring.The court victory is just the latest of a series of legal bids and other campaign actions taken by Paulley in a bid to push service-providers to improve the country’s inaccessible public transport network.His most high-profile success came almost exactly two years ago, when the Supreme Court ruled that First Bus had breached its duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people under the Equality Act through its “first come, first served” policy on the use of wheelchair spaces.But Paulley has also secured high-profile campaign successes after taking on providers across the coach, train and taxi network.And only last week, Disability News Service reported how he revealed the inaccessibility of supposedly wheelchair-accessible coach services provided by National Express after taking nine journeys on the same day and experiencing significant problems on all but one of them.last_img read more

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first_imgSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Theresa May unveiled her “new bold offer” at 4pm yesterday. Before her speech had even finished, Tory MPs were publicly declaring that they would not be voting for the withdrawal agreement bill next month. The number of parliamentarians from both sides of the Commons saying the same has continued to rise. We knew the Prime Minister’s last-ditch effort to get her deal passed was unlikely to convince Labour or go down particularly well – but this reception is worse than anyone imagined. She has actually gone backwards, with 35 Tories (at the time of writing) switching from ‘aye’ last time to ‘no’ this time.The Prime Minister’s “10-point offer” was designed to give something to everyone, but none of the proposals were sufficient to convince any single camp. To her backbenchers, she said the government would be legally obliged to seek alternative arrangements to the backstop by 2020 – but only to seek, not find. To the Labour leadership, she proposed a “customs compromise” – not permanent customs union membership. To Labour MPs in Leave seats such as Lisa Nandy, she suggested a workers’ rights bill and a pledge to match EU rules for goods, protecting just-in-time manufacturing – yet we can’t expect members of this group to stick their necks out and vote for the deal when it is certain not to pass.Possibly the most controversial offer was the one made to MPs in favour of holding another referendum. Any rapprochement between the government and this group is outrageous to most Conservatives. And the bid wasn’t effective, because her generous offer was simply to facilitate a vote during the passage of the bill and implement the result of this vote. Apart from angering her own side, the problems with this plan are that: a) MPs would get a vote on the idea without the PM’s scheme anyway, thanks to amendments; b) pro-PV Labour MPs are not willing to vote for the deal at second reading before there is a chance of a referendum being attached; and c) everyone knows that there is no Commons majority for another referendum. The government has overlooked the fact that a public vote is regarded as a means to an end (i.e. stopping Brexit), not an end in itself.The Prime Minister must face the wrath of MPs at PMQs this afternoon, followed by a Brexit statement. But speculation is rife that the WAB will not be brought forward after recess in early June as promised – why would May want her final act as Prime Minister to be a defeat on the deal even worse than her last, possibly the worst of all? One Labour MP I spoke to last night, who had been discussing the response to her speech with Tories, thought she might go during recess, after the European elections, at some point next week. It’s difficult to see how Conservative MPs could allow her to cling on for much longer.Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Tags:Theresa May /Brexit /Withdrawal agreement bill /last_img read more

VIDEO Relive Carnaval weekend

first_imgSF Carnaval Weekend 2018 from Mission Local on Vimeo. 0% Tags: Carnaval Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img

The World Cup in the Mission Its the Euro Cup now

first_imgBelgium’s Roberto Martínez may be the best coach of this World Cup, and that alone is dangerous to the competition. He wrong-footed Brazil’s Tite by changing his two midfielders and populating all three alleys at the front with full-on sprinters. His talented bunch has been playing together for a while now; they are all in tune with the exhausting, vertical game of the Premier League.The outcome of the France-Belgium semifinal (Tuesday at 11 a.m.) may depend on reasons as capricious as peaking at the right hour. Or the right minute.Croatia advanced to the semifinals by virtue of outrunning (and, later, out-walking) the overachieving Russia, and the price of 120 minutes and change of effort for the second game in a row may be high. On the bright side, Luka Modric’s legs and brains were still working while his teammates were only running with their hearts. The team is incredibly talented up front — Rebic is a serious threat to England’s left back section — but their shaky defense and wounded goalie are big concerns. Email Address Where can I eat, drink and lament that the World Cup is almost over?Four teams, four games left. Tears are coming. But the mid-week blessing is that the semifinals will be played at a time when one can reasonably, artfully pretend like it’s only a very long lunch break. Please be forgiving, if you happen to be the boss. And be moderate if you’re the unruly employee. hungry? Here’s the map for you to scout. We’re also accepting invitations for World Cup final brunch parties. Keep us posted at and we’ll bring the mimosas to your door.Cheers! siri show me a perfect moment— Ryan Rosenblatt (@RyanRosenblatt) 7 de julio de 2018 They are the richest around, and this moment seems to be reflecting global demographics as much as any. The World Cup used to be the occassion when South American teams could compete with their European peers, but the resources can’t even be compared. Like Uruguay’s teacher-manager Óscar Tabárez said after his side’s defeat against France: “To talk about European football’s supremacy is to ignore the sport’s historic, economic and infrastructural reality.”Football still is a game of many variables, especially in a short tournament, and small turns of fate have hit South American sides hard at this World Cup. Both Colombia and Uruguay lost their best players to injury ahead of their final elimination games. Brazil seemed in control of its quarterfinal before a Belgian corner hit Fernandinho an inch too low. Players and coaches control what they can control, but preparation and sacrifice can only get you so far without a bit of luck.I don’t want to root for a former empire anymore! Where are the underdogs?There is one tableclothed federation still running football as a colonial estate — a setting that may appeal to the Latin American fan for its familiarity. Born as a country in 1993, Croatia has always associated nationalism with football, a link further engraved by their side’s third-place finish at the 1998 World Cup.Unlike the Messis and Cristianos of the world, Croatia’s players are not involved in tax evasion, but in major-scale corruption related to transfer fees. Modric, the team’s tiny dynamo and captain, could end up in jail after the World Cup. Unless, of course, the people agree on collective amnesia, and the judges on a grateful pardon. Sounds legit. Otro gol a la contra después de Corner, la jugada de Lukalu es impresionante y demuestra el poder que tiene sobre la percepción de los rivales ya que pierden la marca en otros jugadores que a la postre son los que finalizan la jugada.— Coaching Futbol █▀▀▀█ (@coachingfutbol) 6 de julio de 2018 For the orthodox fanatic, it is refreshing to hear so many English speakers calling our sport “football.” Soccer? Does not compute. Not for the hundreds of English fans inundating the Mission for an 11 a.m. lunch-break sing-along of  “It’s Coming Home.” For once, it could very well be. Please copy-paste all the things I MUST know to understand what’s going on: England finally has a respectable goalkeeper in Jordan Pickford, and that alone has taken it through the easiest path to the final week: victories against Tunisia and Panama, defeat by Belgium, tie against Colombia, victory over Sweden. England’s good aerial game on the box has been a Deus ex machina of sorts when it’s time to score goals; Lingard and Alli’s mobility could bring a different harvest against Croatia.The second semifinal will be played on Wednesday at 11 a.m.Is South American football in crisis? Is Europe just the best? Una parte de Sudamérica sigue en el mundial!! #RUSIAAWARDSTVN #FalklandIslands #ENG— Camila Vergara Palta (@Camila_VPalta) 7 de julio de 2018 #Eng Southgate’s corner kick inspired by basketball strategies2 groups of players at top of box/near PK spot2 players run near post, 2 run far post, 1 player is “the screen”Players movement clears the space around “the screen”Maguire unmarked to head to goal— Kelvin Galvez (@CoachGalvez) 7 de julio de 2018 England not only has a team in the World Cup semifinals for the first time in 28 years, but its league currently employs 40 of the 92 remaining players in the tournament. The Premier League happens to be the most popular in the United States, so the faces are starting to become very familiar.Fans at The Phoenix bar on Friday afternoon couldn’t stop cheering for Belgium’s Rommie (Romelu Lukaku) and KDB (Kevin de Bruyne), and Brazil’s Bobby (Roberto Firmino) and Phil (Philippe Coutinho), among others. The Englishmen in the crowd were roaring so hard, you would think they forgot their team was still alive.With the departure of Uruguay and Brazil, all Latin Americans have left to root for are systems, decisions and, maybe, a trace of heritage. But, should you find yourself at a loss, here’s some assistance to help you climb on the next bandwagon. Who is the favorite now?Given the jinx we’ve thrown on half of the teams parading along this category, let’s check all four semifinalists’ chances for the final week.France has been criticized plenty for not breaking a sweat too early and sticking rigorously to a tight-fisted plan. Goals are their way of minimizing risk. Their squad could be a world-beater, but manager Didier Deschamps would rather have a strong defense first. It’s there that the team’s confidence and bravado is born, even if it shows it for only minutes at a time. And it’s working. If any game is tied after 90 minutes, the teams will play two more periods, of 15 minutes each. Although players are in great shape, extra time can be a lengthy agony for everyone involved. Even worse? Trying to shoot a penalty with aplomb after all of that.Penalty shootouts tend to go to the “best of five.” Nerves and exhaustion tend to result in at least one failed shot, if not the skill of the goalie. (Prepare your tissues).If the teams are still tied by then, additional rounds of one kick are used to break it, in what is called “sudden death.” This puts even more pressure on the team that kicks last. The importance of winning a coin toss!All yellow cards from the previous rounds have been expunged now. (This was part of the rules, not an impromptu pardon). Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter 0% Nobody does it quite like the English… GET IN!!!!— The Away Fans Videos (@TheAwayFansVids) 3 de julio de 2018 Neymar and Brazil rolling all the way home— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) 6 de julio de 2018 Tags: World cup Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

SUPER League and Saints are delighted to offer one

first_imgSUPER League and Saints are delighted to offer one lucky fan the opportunity to meet Russell Crowe who together with Super League will host an exclusive evening in London to show his new film The Water Diviner.And not just that we will also provide the lucky winner with a pair of tickets to all three World Club Series games including the sold out World Club Challenge match this Sunday between St Helens and Crowe’s South Sydney Rabbitohs.The movie superstar will be in London this week as he prepares to attend the World Club Challenge match and to promote his latest film The Water Diviner. The exclusive screening will be held in London this Thursday evening (February 19).The Water Diviner is a historical fictional drama, marking Russell Crowe’s much-anticipated directorial debut. The film, starring the award-winning actor alongside Olga Kurylenko, Jai Courtney, Cem Yilmaz and Yilmaz Erdogan, tells the story of an Australian farmer, Connor (played by Crowe), who travelled to Turkey in 1919 following the Battle of Gallipoli in an effort to try and find his three missing sons.The World Club Series sees the best Rugby League players in the world fight it out over three days to determine the world’s best Rugby League team competition. The action kicks off on Friday February 20 with Warrington Wolves vs St George Illawarra Dragons, before Wigan Warriors take on Brisbane Broncos on Saturday February21.Things will reach an exciting climax on Sunday February 22 with the 2014 First Utility Super League champions, St Helens and current NRL Grand Final winners, South Sydney Rabbitohs, going head-to-head in front of a sell-out crowd for the right to be crowned World Club Champions.All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this FANTASTIC prize is email with Crowe Comp in the subject line and state why you should win this fantastic prize!Please enclose a contact number too.Deadline for entries is 9am Tuesday.last_img read more

Pet Pals Meet Marley

first_img Marley has already been fixed and is up to date on his shots. He’s highly trainable and is happy to be rewarded with treats.He needs a lot of love and affection so he would fit best in a home with no small children. He may fit in a home with other animals; however, officials with New Hanover County Animal Services ask that you bring your current pet along to meet Marley in a neutral environment.If you think Marley could be the newest addition to your home, stop by and meet him!Related Article: Alligator kills woman trying to protect her dog at resortCounty residents can adopt for just $70.Adoption services are available between noon and 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday or on Saturday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.To see other animals available for adoption, click here. NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It was Hannah’s first week with Pet Pals and she was so excited to get to know Marley!He is a 4-year-old Feist/Dachshund mix with a tan and black coat and lots of energy.- Advertisement – last_img read more

70000 gallons of sewer water spills onto highway near Whiteville

first_imgWHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The City of Whiteville says about 70,000 gallons of untreated waste water spilled on Sam Potts Highway.The city says a contractor ruptured a sewer line.- Advertisement – Crews began clean-up immediately. Repairs are underway to fix the sewer line.last_img

Wrightsville Beach Civilian Drone Academy explains the law of the air

first_img Saturday, Wrightsville Beach Fire Department stepped up to the plate with their “Civilian Drone Academy– ” teaching the public how to use drones for recreational purposes.Sam Proffitt, a paramedic firefighter with Wrighstville Beach explained that knowing the laws of the land — or in this case, air — is vital for everyone’s safety.“Having an understanding of rules and regulations to fly drones is very important,” Profitt said. “What we don’t want is people to go out and not really understand the rules and how to safely fly and it become an issue. It’s really getting an understanding out to the community for people who are looking to fly whether as a hobbyist — just for the fun of it — or maybe people are looking to use it as a way of employment perhaps shooting videos, weddings, inspections, things like that.”Related Article: Red Snapper ‘mini season’ underwayProffitt said this will not be the last Civilian Drone Academy class, and that if you ever have any questions about drones, feel free to contact Wrightsville Beach Fire Department at (910) 256-7920. Wrightsville Beach Fire Department ‘Civilian Drone Academy’ (Photo: Kate Cornell) WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Drones can be used for a number of applications like fire and ocean rescue.But those are only a few of their functions, and not everyone knows exactly how to use them.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Holiday reminder individual use of fireworks is illegal in North Carolina

first_imgSUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) —  There’s plenty of public firework shows throughout The Cape Fear this holiday, but some people feel the need to take matters into their own hands.With the state line so close, it’s not hard to get your hands on fireworks that are illegal in North Carolina.- Advertisement – At Stateline Fireworks in South Carolina it’s pretty easy to see that most of the customers here are from North Carolina, and employees say that some are from as far as even Virginia.Most fireworks are against the law in North Carolina, but the law won’t stop some residents, like Jason Lee, and visitors from setting them off.“It’s pretty much a panoramic view of fireworks,” Lee said.Related Article: NC worker ordered Confederate wristbands for July 4thSunset Beach Police Chief Ken Klamar said not only is it categorically illegal to use fireworks in his town, but with the unusually dry period it’s particularly dangerous around our area right now.“The proximity on the island in particular of the houses to each other,” Klamar said. “The dryness factor, everything that you see here — pine straw that’s used for landscaping purpose are very flammable materials this is why the town and North Carolina statute prohibits these items, because it’s such a fire risk.”Jason Lee and his kids drove from Wilmington to Stateline Fireworks just across the border in Little River Wednesday afternoon to buy fireworks for Independence Day.He said he does this every year, and that even with the drought he knows what he’s doing.“We spray the area,” Lee said. “We’ve got buckets of water, we got remote igniters and things like that so nobody has to get near the fireworks. We keep it safe.”If any of these shoppers are caught lighting off fireworks in North Carolina this week they can face time in jail as well as a hefty fine.last_img read more

Freeman Park closing Saturday afternoon for safety concerns

first_img However, if you have a camping reservation in sites 1-61, you will be allowed access to the park and campsites.You can still access any part of Freeman Park on foot.Assessments will be made regularly by public safety staff to determine if or when the park will re-open to vehicular traffic.While plans are to open the park daily at 8 a.m. to annual permit holders, Carolina Beach anticipates more closures due to the busy holiday weekend.Related Article: Freeman Park restrictions frustrate beach visitorsUpdates will be posted to the town’s website and Facebook. Freeman Park (Photo: Helen Holt/WWAY) CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY)– Freeman Park is being closed again to all vehicles to prevent overcrowding and for the safety of those on the beach, the Town of Carolina Beach announced in a news release.No vehicles will be allowed on the park as of 1 p.m.- Advertisement – last_img read more

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