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What kind of content is easier to share and spread

content through the network communication ability is crazy, but the network is not all good content will be a lot of communication, except for some * * video course, as a writer, we cannot guarantee that our content will be a lot of people love and communication, but we can use some skills when writing to make the text more easily be reproduced readers.

one, write long, deep articles,

has made a scientific research, statistics to see what kind of content will make it easier to share and reproduced, and the analysis of the content with what factors affecting people’s communication, and the first finding is that the longer article is often reproduced, of course it may not be the reason is because the pure words that is because more long articles can make readers more time immersed in the contents of the article, and a long article to have more opportunities to make it more depth. read more

Network literature enters the era of copyright operation

says "0", "do" is "1", and "the two" are qualitatively different. In the premise of the method is clear, the final spell is execution, a person, organization, can win in the competition, which is also one of the core factors.

as you can see, this problem in a very long period of time has been bothering me, especially when I just switch to do the operation, every day at the search operation how to do, how to understand the operation of the article, it can not start, the feeling is very strong. read more

One minute to read takeout O2O be careful! Don’t fall into these three pits

is on the side of financing growing boarded the headlines: O2O platform takeaway life radius obtained 300 million yuan C round of financing, the main Crowdsourcing distribution of the adjacent interest announced the completion of the $10 million B round of financing, hungry is simply in the F round of financing of $630 million……

is on the side of the O2O business mouthing sound constantly: "99% of the O2O business will die", "what to save you take away, O2O bubble more and more big"…… read more

Web content or user is king

recently used to search, find the row in front of the site has a lot of big website or search its website as a small website how to break through this dilemma, what can get traffic and users, the website is in the content or the user is king.

has always been that content is king, depending on the content can win, and today when the author Yang Tao and Liu Huafang exchanges, he said that website construction is user centric, access to users is the most important. There are many portals relying on the contents of success, there are many websites without content, but rely on user victory, transactional Web sites and Web2.0 sites, do not produce content, they provide users with services or platforms, exchanges in the website, allowing users to create content. read more

Webmaster friends should pay attention when registering domain names

first noted that it was my personal experience, in pain….

just contact this website, registered a lot of domain name, such as and because at the time of registration of the too casual cause now why, too late for regrets, the question is, can not transfer, transfer station can not do better, but also No one shows any interest in pain again.

webmaster friends, whether you have encountered the same problem? Is it because not easy to stand make some contributions to sell, but because they can not transfer to wasted? Tell us the webmaster friends this thing, if you are seriously in the website, when you fill in the registration of the domain name, do not lazy oh! Here say that, in the graph king IDC registration is very convenient, the most important is the transfer of convenient ah, ha ha. (clap one’s ass) read more

Share my website experience

, first of all, my website, 6465 HD movies, is a newly created movie site.

my domain name 6465 HD video, watch this. You may feel good, to build the movie wasted but I want to say is what you build station is built, good and bad, the good domain is only a secondary role.

tell me about my website. I bought it from a friend two years ago. I thought it was a good 6465. I bought it with a few thousand pieces. Of course, I thought it was worth it.

take this site to build the movie, a lot of people say waste but I don’t think so, and chose the movie because I stand a better understanding of the movies, have more experience, and popularity quickly, don’t stand in the construction of all the movies, Marx SOYICI systems are free of charge, everyone can collect a lot of data and then form a movie network, I am not my website any source all manually add, I will not wait for the rapid establishment of SEO included what, if BAIDU and GG don’t take you? I do is the user experience, I would like to have the same high IP BAIDU and GG can be included to bring traffic for me, otherwise I won’t write what the increased external links. read more

Hospital website optimization soft writing requirements

private assets into the medical market, the privatization of state-owned hospital hospital, on the one hand to a lot of advanced equipment and high-end medical service, on the other hand, the high medical costs, are increasingly intense competition, the only hurt consumers; they see as the latest liver disease therapy, anti fibrosis treatment technology of liver disease the hospital is introduced; look at the dazzling, winner in many hospital competition requires strong support for medical marketing. read more

Hungry, to do the catering sector, Taobao


takeaway "subsidy wars" set fire to the circle of friends, but also so that the original is "asset light" model of the software industry has become a "takeaway assets" – massive burn, self distribution system, and even to participate in the social integration of the distribution team, it has far exceeded the capacity of a software company. Compared with competitors, "hungry" is involved in a "load game", U.S. stage did not intend to participate in the self distribution, and hungry act in a diametrically opposite way, the intention is to better throw off opponents. read more

For eight years for you to reveal grassroots webmaster survival of the future road

first station, is a station comprehensive high school in our county, the last stand, but at the end of last year, do stand eight years, up to now, it is regret, there are a lot of stations are promising, but because there is no stick and I believe there are a lot of people The whole army was wiped out., with I like to do the station a few years, investment, less income, waste a lot of time and energy, is the vast majority of individual owners have no future in a waste of life?

in the Internet era, the creation of a group of people, a group of people dependent on the network, compared to the complicated reality, they are more willing to put their dreams on the Internet, so do stand, open shop, in fact, do Wangzhuan, these things are basically a kind of person, if you have well, if you have a good team, then this is the article for you is not very useful, because I am a not what technology, but also have some understanding, not good at communication, not good at flattery, love the Internet, eager to SOHU life after 80, if you like me, just watch it I really hope that is useful to everybody. Since 2009, the Internet policy suddenly more severe, individual owners living space more and more small, more and more rights are ignored, so until 2010, now, there are still many stations closed slowly, and even some Internet heavyweights also claimed that the golden age is about to pass the Internet personal webmaster, personal webmaster spring really over? read more

Do you know the sign before Baidu update

I used to contact a lot of new webmaster, they all included Baidu as their website is accepted by the Internet a basis. Of course, that doesn’t make sense. As everyone knows, Baidu in the Chinese users penetration rate is very high, as Google in the United States is the most popular, so as a China webmaster, refer to Baidu is not completely wrong! The practice also proved that, indeed most owners are from the Baidu IP to the. But Baidu to new sites included is not particularly fast, this is to make many webmaster, especially just entered the ranks of the head of a headache. I believe before tracking search engine included the webmaster all know, sometimes Google and YAHOO are included, but Baidu is still no movement, the webmaster only one day to submit to Baidu, Baidu mail. As a result, Baidu to all Adsense reply mail content is the same, should not you included or not to you included?. Many webmaster can only wait patiently every day. read more

Li (Leal) analyze a abortion website

              contact website promotion and planning for a long time, some time ago when chatting in a group of fellow villagers asked what I do, I said the website maintenance and promotion, he let me see their website, tell me he wanted to make a new website, so I promise. Their company is mainly servicing office equipment (printers, copiers, etc.) for business. Sales are by the way. The villagers now have a website, but do very simple, do Baidu’s bidding, because of some reasons, the villagers want to give up the original station, to do one, he heard that I now do website promotion, so let me help him plan his new website. read more

Grassroots to celebrity change persist through passion and ideas

We often say

, to look at others’ successful experience, so that we can avoid detours, more close to success; look at others’ growth story, can give us some inspiration, let us do better. A5 Thursday version, in the future several activities, will continue to invite excellent personal webmaster to share his Internet experience, hoping to give some enlightenment to the webmaster.

July 29th, Admin5 version of the chat activity every Thursday invited Lu Songsong to share his years of Internet experience and share stories, blog operation, network marketing experience, Lou loose blog, you can also go to his blog interaction. This order exceeded some of the information, welcome to discuss. read more

Looking forward to an old webmaster’s final fantasy Vol.2

Vol.2 black and white, the opposite of yin and yang fish,

said yesterday, today to write about technology and taboo, black and white.

write technical requirements and taboos first.

now the small station, almost all of them do garbage site origin, here little finger is young, not XX small, but small scale. People who are used to garbage sites have a bad habit. In order to grab short-term traffic, they can ignore the exclusion of search engines. I’m sorry to say that last year I wrote several sets of junk program is spread out, at least to the staff of the baidu created 2 big trouble for a long time, the search engine algorithm changes, but now there are people in the breaking process of me. Because of my application with dirty leak, I now wished that program is spare none…… read more

How to retain our users

here to discuss with you, how to retain our users, the purpose of your site is what? Show the user what he wants, and if you don’t, do you think he’ll come again? So this is a problem that all construction sites, teams, or individuals have to face.

then there is not how good, believe that everyone has a little, but I feel it wants to retain users, we have to take a turn of thought and time, not just to do a website to hang up on OK, although it may just start someone to care about your website, but you pay or not a reasonable method for the site management, these guests in more and more distant from us. Letting others be easy, keeping them is a real problem, just like our website: Global second-hand electromechanical. A dedicated to provide you with information service network platform, but to retain them we must spend a painstaking effort, fortunately we strive to retain customers, and the number of guests more and more, they often go back and release the need to find the information, but what is keeping them? read more

Late at night to share your site process

many people have the urge to do web sites, but they are often in private, with friends or on the Internet in full swing, passionate discussion, and rarely put into action. Dream high is important, but down-to-earth planning and action is more critical. There are so many great people, but the ones who really do things on the ground say little.

remember when a small family has relatives in the Internet to engage in this line, I heard it was NB at that time, though still small, but my heart has been secretly determined later also engaged in this, but also to do better than others. read more

Dry teach you 3 minutes to determine whether a website is valuable or not

trading in the A5 site trading plate, often encounter some of the novice buyers, when buying web sites, eat not sure how to buy the site in the end, stable, and there is no value. In view of this situation, today "meteor" to share 3 minutes, quickly use love station tools to query a web site of the general situation.

first statement: using tools to query, after all, only tools, can only reflect the basic situation of the site, the specific analysis of the site statistics.

love station check, the main 3 places, you can probably understand the basic situation of the site: read more

How to win by criticism How is there a degree

in Baidu input "comment type promotion", can search to many, many about the comment is promotion article, some people support, some people do not support. I believe you must remember that the founder of the review is Lu Songsong. For those who support "comment type promotion", should belong to the new Adsense group, those who do not support "comment type promotion" should belong to the success of the webmaster. Why does someone support or oppose it? It is necessary to analyze carefully the advantages and disadvantages of "criticism promotion". On the Internet, how to use criticism style to promote success? How to do the comment promotion, read more

Baidu included new station personal guess

earlier registration of a new QQ domain name, in order to achieve the purpose of Baidu quickly included, using the form of a blog to open the station, to be included in the Baidu after revision of ideas. Because this method has been used before, the effect is quite good,

should be said that this is a very good method, but now it seems that there may be some changes, I still stand a snapshot of the time for the October 28th, release the article included time is very normal, you may say that is new, not what the chain, but in fact in the Baidu collection after me not to lower the speed of the chain, the chain quality is good, it seems obvious by Baidu into the sandbox, for what reason I do not quite understand, personal estimate: Baidu to just stand in terms of revision is extremely offensive, if happened to be revised for the QQ station, the movie station, that is could you stand on Baidu will pay special attention to, intends to reduce your weight, observe for a long period of time, to give back. Of course, this is just my personal guess. read more

Differentiation is the trend of website operation, and execution is the key to success

for the grassroots, to operate a website is more and more difficult, and this factor is the greatest difficulty from the fierce competition, according to the latest data from the Internet Information Center statistics, the number of domestic websites has reached nearly three million, while in the last year, the data reached about four million, this is because the intense the competition in the last year fell by 40%, thus the competition degree of website operation, but experts said the Internet confidence last year was the first decline, the number of sites, but up to now, changes in the number of net station data is basically the same as the new and reduced read more

How does secretary website seek survival in the big library crevice

as the saying goes, "without words without standing, nothing without fame.". The party and government organs, enterprises and institutions of the "mountain of the sea" and the phenomenon of all kinds of graduation thesis, recruitment competition, provides a broad market for the survival and development of the website of secretary. Before the secretarial work is "cut and paste", excerpt from newspapers and magazines; with the rise of the Internet, gradually evolved into a "copy and paste", directly from the various sites on the COPY. Smart point of the old secret will do processing, like we now write soft text, pay attention to "pseudo original", lazy point directly take "bring doctrine"". read more

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