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Construction of a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

Tianjin Binhai New Area has been constantly improving business environment, and strive to build a full range of business ecosystem, for entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial companies to bring more resources, improve people’s quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, to promote better development of the economy in Tianjin city.

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Children’s shoes shop

children’s business, for the current number of shopkeepers are very good choice. However, even if the product is good, if there is no attractive name, such a shop is not easy to want hot business. This naturally relates to the name of the problem, then, children’s shoes shop how to name?

ABC shoes, Joan babudou shoes, children’s shoes, POOVE shoes and so on. Why do these children’s shoes brand is now doing so well? Many well-known children’s shoes brand shop name is not just a code name, whether someone thought about the meaning of their brand name, in the name of the children’s shoe store and from what angle to dig meaning? read more

Food and beverage can not blindly choose to join the project should be more investigation

to do business, especially the facade of the business need to spend on the site about a good address may influence after the operation, because the site looked at the case of failure, Xiao Bian did a survey on today, catering franchisees as long as the selected address to success, through the following techniques to location select the appropriate address you will be catering to join, can control a broad space for development.


change rapidly catering market, catering stores address is selected is the most key link, catering franchisees in the site must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. Entrepreneurs who operate the shops, the flow is the money flow, do not be afraid of competition and selected in remote areas. In fact, the business district shops are more concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, but we should pay attention to the problem of dislocation. read more

According to the laundromat bucket charge pulls out old wine in a new bottle pattern

winter, hot pot industry is the gold rush season, but also a good season for the profit of the laundry industry. Laundry is a traditional service industry, with the increase of people’s living standards, laundry services can be seen everywhere in the city of Guangzhou, so there are a lot of people think that the significance of re investment in the laundry industry.

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2012 most profitable projects list

opened a new year, the new year which projects are the most worthy of everyone to find it, what are the most entrepreneurial projects we can create value, we come together to study it.

in suburban land rent, sublet to the city, in the way contract to provide seed, to help to look after when they were not in, then harvested grain to the customer, the customer can take their children to the weekend farm; or rent for lovers, two people love as long as witness. read more

Feng Shui must open a shop to learn pure dry goods

now, the shop is also very particular about feng shui, then you know what kind of suitable for business, what kind of site is more likely to attract popularity? Here, Xiaobian take you to look at the shop about Feng shui.

1, the store should pay attention to Feng Shui on thick, in front of mountain and hill case is relatively low, with humility, in peking. So the choice of shops in the shop around, must be careful, in general can be near the shops, but not to the shops, especially through the heavy traffic traffic at large. At least in the same industry. read more

Beat the truth to take care of his girlfriend destroyed three concept

a lot of people are willing to believe that love is very good, therefore, the debt of 200 thousand pairs of vegetative girlfriend never betray the story touched thousands of friends. But what is the truth of the matter? Beat his girlfriend on their care, there is such a thing as destroyed three concept.

"borrow 200 thousand of the vegetable story, never abandon his girlfriend" interpretation is "hold your hand, and son" the legend of love. Wake up a girlfriend and the amazing insider! The sense of "Crazy" boyfriend Liu Feng and mysteriously disappeared. Where did he go? Did the girl’s injury have anything to do with him? Was it an accident or a murder? Things are complicated and the truth is confusing! read more

Bazhong migrant workers entrepreneurship for Easy Access

Spring Festival is approaching, the local migrant workers after receiving a year’s wages have returned home. Sichuan, Bazhong specifically for migrant workers to return home after the start of the year, the green channel to encourage more migrant workers choose to return to business.

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Children’s furniture store prospects

children’s furniture market prospects are good, but too few qualified brand projects. Many brands because of quality, it is difficult to achieve breakthrough development. If you want to invest in the industry, you need to find a suitable brand project. Broad market prospects of the industry, attracting a lot of attention to franchisees, people can not help heart.

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Golden broom Award for Yang Mi to win the title is helpless

There are many kinds of entertainment

annual awards ceremony, this is not the "Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese"   and the seventh golden broom award   awards ceremony began,   has attracted more and more attention; the golden broom award after Yang Mi.

"Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese"   and the seventh golden broom award ceremony was held in March 20th   Beijing Bona Star Theater, the ceremony by the "Youth Film Handbook" and poison APP jointly organized by star Yue Ning Yi culture media Co, Pan Jie, Li Xuegang, Yang Zhenglong hosted. read more

Fast food franchise business skills sharing

fast and good market prospects, many consumers because of the accelerated pace of life, the demand of fast food is very obvious, driven by the continuous development of the fast food market, out of a clean and sanitary food stores can obtain consumer praise, to attract good business. Small series based on the success of the food industry in the case, as we summed up the secret of the successful operation of fast food franchise, here is a look at it.

to be successful operation of fast food stores, the location is very important, according to the brand management style to the position, according to investors for the crowd to choose the most appropriate address as soon as possible to occupy more market. For example, investors intend to open a small, simple management of fast food franchise stores, you can choose the location of the community, commercial street, University, where most women spend. read more

How to join the subway fast charge

the new era, you will be able to feel more and more people’s demand for fast food, food and beverage industry is growing rapidly, how to get a share of their own, you have to look at the brand.

The rapid development of

economy makes people’s pace of life is accelerating, more and more white-collar workers and other cities do not have much time to sit down to enjoy the delicious, fast food has become the first choice for dining. With the passage of time, the problem of fast food is becoming more and more unhealthy, healthy and nutritious fast food has become an urgent need. He is such a taste of food and beverage brands with real delicacy to attract consumers, and become members of the health experts, good intentions of every meal. read more

The whole can not adding the trimmings during operation

believe that many people should have such a shopping experience, you buy is not a rare commodity, but after the salesperson introduction, but can become "it should only be the sky, earth rarely heard several times" treasure, everyone in listening is not to laugh or cry after? So, if a business process may not be approved to adding the trimmings.

to go to other provinces and friends, at present I think of our specialty jujube in northern shaanxi. One day, my wife and I went to a large supermarket, entered the jujube sales area. Before we look carey, suddenly went up to several promoters, everyone said how good, how will your date is pure, this is the usual fruit that miraculous, but does not make people feel good. read more

Chen Miaolin the first person – the Zhejiang hotel chain

good service can bring good business opportunities, now all walks of life are the same, in recent years the rapid development of the hotel industry, many entrepreneurs to open their own hotel Road, so the hotel chain which matters needing attention, the following small for everyone: Chen Miaolin will introduce the hotel chain "first" entrepreneurial experience.

"good service will change people’s consumption habits, improve the service level of a region." Nctg chairman Chen Miaolin says. The love of cycling, playing golf, swimming Zhejiang, Zhejiang is also engaged in the Turisthotellet industry in the first person". read more

The of Tourism Festival opened in Wenzhou – the whole


will be Internet plus applied to the tourism industry, is to promote local economic development? Recently in Zhejiang, in order to "snare magical landscapes Wenzhou legend Tour" as the theme of the ninth session (· China; Wenzhou) Tourism Festival and the 2017 tourism destination marketing conference opened in Zhejiang, Wenzhou.

deputy director of National Tourism Bureau Li Shihong, deputy director of the service center director Li Jian, deputy director of the Department of planning and Finance Information Center Wu Kefeng, Xin Hongye, Chinese Internet Association Vice President Gao Lu Lin, Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy party secretary, deputy director, inspector Fu Wei, Wenzhou City Vice Mayor Miao Weilun and other leaders and related enterprises, universities, media representatives a total of more than 300 people gathered in Wenzhou to discuss the "Travel + Internet" integration of new development path. read more

How can the beverage stores do customer consumption experience of whole

people in the service industry to understand that a truth is the most important consumer experience, to the customer in the process of giving the best and most satisfactory service, which is the store must pay attention to the place. Because this is the key to determine whether you run a business success or not rich.


as a consumer, buy a drink, can give the evaluation is good to drink, do not drink, too sweet or too light, too expensive or is also cost-effective and so on, in a word, for the evaluation of drinks is not bad or good. Facing the customer put forward various evaluation of this, let the beverage stores business at a loss, customers are not the same, everyone’s tastes are different standards, they can not meet the demands of all customers, beverage stores to do a range of customer experience read more

Stubborn cattle foot beef join cost less but the profit high – net

how about beef cattle? The best choice for small business. The stubborn cattle lame beef to join the project, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, the first step to success. Join the stubborn cattle foot beef project, it is worth your choice!

now, Chengdu stubborn cattle beef in the foot of the foot of the tradition of Leshan beef cattle on the essence of traditional skills, in-depth study on the flavor of the soup. By constantly digging process, creatively added citrate, and Angelica has medicinal jujube and Chinese medicine twenty finish these materials make the unique delicious beef "fine soup", which makes this delicacy tend to be more scientific and rational nutrition. With this process developed stubborn foot beef cattle, not only mellow soup, taste delicious, and cold cure effect, is health and prolong life of the delicacy delicacies in spleen. Stubborn cattle foot beef to join the profit is good? read more

Do not store a small business – what are the whole

although a lot of people are thinking about doing business, however, if it is to do the real business, expensive store rent let many people stop. In fact, there are many kinds of small business, then, there is no need to store small business? Of course, today, I will introduce you to the small shop now do not have any of the business, there are entrepreneurs in this regard, to quickly understand it!

do not store the small business open shop

doing business online, do not take the unusual way, out of the ordinary, I have my request, "dress culture tide, cool, far, non mainstream" interpretation of the unique taste of modern men and women, from a number of clothing brands in carey selected all kinds of classic style, and to create a "cheap fashion route of internationalization cool culture, fast fashion, enjoy carey crafted to meet the needs of different consumer groups to spend less money to buy the brand" the pursuit of a "stingy" fashion rules. read more

The secret M experts to support what the cake

bakery stores to join the brand, a lot of good projects, many investors are more optimistic about the secret MI cake experts this brand, then the brand cake shop can be given to investors to support what project support? See the following details:

[secret MI cake experts to join support]

1, management support: you want to open a cake shop to earn a lot of money, we must first understand the management of the road. Select the secret MI cake brand, it is necessary to master the management knowledge. Now the shop, headquarters to provide management support, personnel management, training management, employee motivation, administrative management, report management, accounting, business analysis, marketing management, risk management, public relations shop operation management, marketing operations management, marketing performance management evaluation, warehousing operations management, procurement operations management, inventory operations management etc.. read more

Seven male wild barbecue join what are the advantages of

delicious barbecue joins in the choice of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very wise choice. Seven public arena barbecue join? Join the seven rivers and lakes barbecue which join the advantage?

many characteristics of food and beverage management companies still insist on innovation, excellence, the food and beverage team to develop a new system every month, but also set a "innovative, pragmatic, harmonious, open" business philosophy.

seven public arena barbecue with its unique technology, characteristics and innovation has gradually developed into a very unique brand, attracting a large number of venture capitalists to join the investigation, set off a storm catering industry. read more

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