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Amazon push login and payment solutions challenge PayPal

(Pay with Amazon) Amazon payment button Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 9th morning news, Amazon on Tuesday at the Money2020 emerging payments and Financial Services Conference launched a "Amazon login and payment" (Login and Pay with Amazon) service, through the integration of the mode of payment button in the corporate website with PayPal, and credit card competition.

this new service has been integrated into the Amazon has been launched payment services and new login services, in order to achieve one-stop network payment solutions. The business indicates that Amazon wants to occupy a greater voice in the online payment business, thereby causing a threat to the choice of third party payment. read more

Henan electricity supplier dream from personnel training

Chen Xiangdong, 24 years old, graduated from Henan Commercial College, worked for a year in Zhejiang express, this year’s Spring Festival later to Zhengzhou, opened the Taobao store to sell shoes. He is on the Internet to contact customers every day, then go to Zhengzhou city to take the goods, the scene good day 40 single shipment, the difference of the time there are 10 single. He said: do Taobao let him feel very engaged, is a person too tired, have to find a customer service as a helper, so as to expand the scale". read more

Beautiful said Yuzuo ZARA how to push its own brand and business platform coexistence


technology news December 17th afternoon, twelve smoke is not scattered in a melee electricity supplier giants, fast fashion vertical electric beauty quietly completed once again turned out its own brand "MUA" and "Seoul station", the target for the Chinese version of ZARA".

from the industry perspective, the beautiful and the one after the other from the shopping guide website started, because the growth rate is amazing and Taobao were blocked, the vertical field of electronic business platform and then transferred to the transaction closed loop, and began a new round of staking business competition. read more

Across the pit you sea Amoy purchasing for international big domestic copycat goods

at home, click the mouse, you can buy goods from all over the world, as long as the price of domestic counter 33% off or even lower, sometimes also "pick up" to foreign limited edition merchandise, save money, save time and effort in this way of shopping is now Master are most enthusiastic of the sea Amoy purchasing". But in fact, looks very beautiful, purchasing is a bumpy road full of thorns, which there are traps?.

is called the international big name is actually domestic cottage goods read more

Shenzhen, Luohu lead e-commerce companies signed the Convention on integrity

during the 6 days of the twelfth fair ended yesterday, the Luohu Pavilion showcased the latest high technology area, a number of high-tech enterprises to show style in this fair, attracted many visitors and businesses eye. Especially, during the fair, Luohu District guide the area nearly 80 e-commerce companies signed the "Shenzhen Internet industry park member enterprise integrity Convention", in order to show the whole society, enterprises will be signed with the good faith management standards, to better serve the majority of online consumers, which undoubtedly has injected new vigor and vitality and healthy development of electronic area business. read more

The famous Alipay technology expert Feng Dahui resignation as the quality of CTO

CTO Feng Dahui:

              June 11th morning news, the famous Alipay technology expert Feng Dahui has officially left yesterday, joining Ding Xiangyuan ( as the CTO website.

Feng Dahui yesterday afternoon in Sina micro-blog announced that the upcoming departure from Alipay, then Sina Technology and its connection, confirmed that June 10th is the last day on the Feng Dahui day, he will become our website CTO.

Feng Dahui to sina science and technology, said the reason for making such a decision has three reasons. First, through the whole process of Alipay to development, a great harvest, that person should seek new challenges. Two, IT high pressure working environment, resulting in his physical condition is not very good, so the desire to do medical services. Three, he is very optimistic about the development of our. read more

Social networking is the spring of SNS website

has been the rise of the domestic SNS website profit model is not clear, many communities such as happy net, Renren, Sohu white society, scouring rivers and lakes, earnings have been less than ideal. Although the community site users, popularity is high, but it is difficult to find a good profit model. Simple user charges is unrealistic.

although everyone has a network of members of the class recharge, as long as the money can be like QQ members like the same upgrade, users can use more features. It is able to generate a profit model, but this model is a single substance, in Chinese, not many users are willing to pay, and a lot of people do not spend all day in the social networking site, in addition to the grade of membership system is a sign of vanity, the utility function is not much. read more

Thailand electricity supplier to promote a number of ways to get the hands of users happy brush my c

– Adxmi global mobile advertising platform: Adxmi series report

on the Adxmi global mobile advertising platform, the promotion of overseas localization series of tutorials: the Middle East electricity supplier article has been a great concern in the industry and many home appliance business class well-known media reprint. Next, Adxmi will introduce Southeast Asia electricity supplier. This period, we will talk about the Southeast Asian countries of Buddhism – Thailand electricity supplier to promote the status quo, to explore how to carry out fine promotion in Siam. read more

How to give full play to the meaning and function of image design in electronic commerce

With the popularization and rapid development of e-commerce, the distribution of products or the income of main products has greatly changed the traditional marketing channel through the channel of

. Customer groups, such as Taobao and other independent stores, have changed the traditional understanding of shopping in a very deep degree. This occurs through the network shopping behavior has its special characteristics, and promote e-commerce sales and the effect of the method also has a variety of different from the traditional method of marketing, among these methods, the "image design" for businesses are familiar with and attracted more and more attention. For e-commerce model, because the product can only be displayed through the network platform, so the "image design" in the process of promoting the decision of customers to purchase a unique and important significance and can not be ignored. read more

Ali dumped 400 million robbery Jingdong ten years anniversary


Times News (reporter Li Bin) at the Jingdong 6· mall; 180 year big promotion soon, rival Tmall resorted to "exhaust all the skills". Yesterday, the Jingdong mall accused Tmall of forcing one of two businesses, however, Tmall strongly denies, and announced the launch of big promotion in June year, will dig 400 million from cash to invest in the promotion, of which 200 million yuan in cash envelopes distributed to consumers.

last week, the Jingdong announced the largest 6· mall in ten years; the upcoming 18 anniversary month, preheating preferential activities have been fully open. But the Jingdong disclosed Tmall mall, forcing businesses not to participate in the Jingdong’s big promotion, allowing businesses to choose one of two, if the Jingdong in the mall 6· 18 sales, the second half of this year, Tmall will not be able to obtain all active resources, including the double 11 promotion. read more

Ma Yun advocated the net goods 2 times net goods on the first year

"in the next ten years, net goods will be made in China, is the mainstream of the world." Following the "network", the chairman of the board Ma Alibaba brings a new concept of net goods.

18 – December 20, the Alibaba group will be held in Chengdu third annual net goods trade fair (hereinafter referred to as the "network"), the opening day, Ma will deliver a keynote speech, advocating "net goods era".

"net goods" concept is proposed in May this year, MA in Guangzhou held the first session of the network. According to Ma explained, "net goods", from the traditional channels of goods, "the concept of net goods from its channel, and the channel superiority of net goods to make profits to consumers, to the manufacturing industry; the nature of net goods is genuine goods at a fair price is our revolution, this mode of production, consumption revolution. It is the re division of wealth, the core net goods is against profits." This is the original intention of starting network. read more

B2B electricity supplier winter comes, can spring be far behind

2015, China’s B2B industry will not be fundamentally improved, but it is the key to the transformation of the industry. This is somewhat like Alibaba in 2012 to adjust the B2B business, and this adjustment for the year of 2014, in 2015 to lay a good foundation for re sailing. In the opinion of Tobey, the whole industry will face the following trends: the transformation of B2B business platform to B2B integrated service providers will be more quickly; B2B business into a new stage of competitive differentiation in the main business on the B2B; the third party service will continue to be optimistic about the industry and industry; continuous acquisition of bosses will be more active test the B2B business. read more

Baidu music cool days on the site intends to challenge Alibaba

Baidu announced in the field of electronic commerce in the target and plan yesterday, B2C online service platform named "cool" music, and showed the "Chinese large online shopping mall" banner. Many industry insiders interviewed were of the view that this means that the overall competition between Baidu and Alibaba have been triggered at any moment.

music cool days began to accept user registration

Baidu announced earlier this year, the online shopping mall with Japan’s largest Japanese Lotte common $50 million to build e-commerce companies, including Lotte Holdings 51%. Yesterday, Baidu announced that the official opening of the music cool days as its online service platform brand name, and open the same name website, to accept the online registration of businesses. read more

Electricity supplier inferior sunscreen popular because the low cost of illegal

to the middle of summer, not all girls will choose sunscreen skin care products as a day to fight against UV damage weapon. Whether it is a high density of brand advertising, or sales staff continue to emphasize the magical effect, have produced a kind of "only with a sunscreen can be truly safe without summer" feeling.

however, in more information, can not help but doubt: sunscreen products are so powerful? In fact, not all of the sunscreen products can be trusted, the problem of heavy metal exceed the standard of the first. read more

Dialogue through two changes and the three judgments

Shen Tong marketing director Xia Zubin


Shen Tong marketing director Xia Zubin

news billion state power network editor Zhang Dahong

Shen Tong electricity supplier has long been planning a similar shop No. 1

: Shentong billion state power network business platform "love to buy super net" in July will be on the line, Shen Tong is that electricity providers cake so much to squeeze in


Xia Zubin: now some of the electricity supplier may not have a deep understanding of the retail, the future of online retail competition is inevitable products and services, electricity providers sell not only products, as well as services. Super net core where? This problem we had many internal discussions, the final conclusion is in fact to provide quality services to consumers, convenience and diversity is the core of customer choice, they are willing to pay for service. Shen Tong who knows the most things to buy, but also to understand what kind of services they need, so do not have a chance to do electricity supplier. read more

Ali organizational structure to upgrade Zhang Yong outgoing rookie chairman Dong Wenhong succeed and

Abstract: This is the last two months, following Tmall and Taobao, Alibaba intensive organization structure adjustment of the third.

today, Alibaba group to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the organizational structure. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced the appointment of Tong Wenhong as chief human officer group Alibaba (CPO), responsible for the Ali group of talent and cultural development strategy; at the same time, she will succeed Zhang Yong as chairman of the rookie network, responsible for personnel training and cultural heritage rookie long-term strategy,; wunglin will serve as the rookie network president, led the team responsible for the implementation of the strategy of comprehensive business operation. read more

Foreign media attention double 11 global foreign enterprises to seek business opportunities

Reference News Network November 4th reported that the Japanese media said that in recent years, China’s evolution in November 11th was a large-scale promotion day. "Double 11" initiator of the Alibaba in 2014 hit 57 billion 100 million yuan daily turnover record. Alibaba proposed in 2015 double 11 "globalization", to promote the active participation of foreign enterprises, will become an international competition strong color of double 11. This may also be an opportunity for Japanese companies. read more a seller send Mingbi event

            April 12th, official response to the seller from the assessment to the buyer to send Mingbi revenge "event: 3 days immediately conduct a thorough investigation, find out the facts, according to the relevant rules and punish bad sellers.

April 11th, according to media reports, Taobao online online shopping a buyer to the seller in the assessment, the seller has sent a retaliatory mingbi.

after a preliminary investigation by Taobao learned that the transaction between buyers and sellers from the courier fees. Sellers in the evaluation of the reply to the buyers actually use insulting language, said the buyer is a neuropathy…… The brain has a problem, do not go to Taobao, 10 dollars to buy your mother urn, right?" read more

Jingdong PO mall or rumors listed ahead of Ali

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Wang Cuiyi) Alibaba official admitted for the first time to prepare for the listing, I am afraid that the biggest competitors Jingdong some tension. Yesterday, the news, Jingdong has started the IPO process, and commissioned PWC audit. But Jingdong official said yesterday responded that the news is not known, so far, there is no clear timetable for the listing of Jingdong". According to an insider, this year in the position of public opinion is quite low-key because Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong has been in the business, whether it is ready for the IPO reverie. read more

Discussion on how to analyze the competition of B2C mall

B2c mall in China has been everywhere on the Internet, this upsurge is still rising. The author in the operation of small B2C Mall for a short period of time to discuss the contents of the small B2C mall competitor analysis.

user experience analysis:

user experience for a profit, want to retain the importance of customers is self-evident. Personally think that the B2C mall operators to analyze competitors must analyze competitors mall site user experience. As for the user experience which includes the author before the A5 submission in detail: Aid=313792 interested friends can see. read more

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