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Crush Me, Squeeze Me, Make Me Wine Event At Westport Winery

first_imgThe winery is open daily from 11a.m. to 6p.m., with lunch from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, and dinner to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings. Reservations are not necessary to participate in this event just stop by Westport Winery located on the corner of Highway 105 and South Arbor Road. For more information call Westport Winery at 360-648-2224. If you are looking for a grape-stomping good time, a new garden tour, and unique plants Westport Winery is the place to visit. The winery will provide bins of grapes for you to stomp your way into purple-footed bliss. “Crush” T-shirts will be available to purchase for those who want to immortalize their experience with footprints on their shirt. All ages are welcome to attend this fun-filled event featuring live music from the Harbor’s own Electric Park Jazz Band along withcomplimentary Italian wedding soup. This event is free and all ages are welcome at the winery. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Westport WineryFormer Grayland and Westport residents’ Kristen Walsh and Christina Bedford won last year’s Lucy and Ethyl Look-Alike Contest. Photo by Ann Bedford.Westport Winery will host the annual Crush Me, Squeeze Me, Make Me Wine At The Beach Festival on Sunday, October 7 from 11 a.m. to 4.p.m. At 3p.m. the winery will hold their Lucy and Ethyl Look-Alike Contest open to men, women, children, and dogs.center_img During this event the winery will launch its new plant nursery as they also open their Gardens of the World display. This young garden when it has matured is designed to transport viewers to their favorite places on earth. The tour is a loop around the winery and into the vineyards where you can “visit” a Hawaiian tropical garden, a French formal garden, an English cottage garden, a Pacific Northwest naturalist garden, an Italian gothic garden, a Japanese Zen garden, and an Atlantis underwatered garden. Creating and recreating memories from fun travels and destinations is something anyone can do in their own yard. The winery’s other gardens have helped to make this one of the post popular destinations in Grays Harbor. The plant nursery is being added in response to guest’s requests to access to the same amazing plants the winery has used on their grounds. Elma artist and plant collector Frank Ratte has joined the winery team to assist guests with their questions.last_img read more

Credit Cards: Are They Items of Convenience or Pain?

first_imgSubmitted by Nancy J. LaPointe for Navigate FinancialNancy J. LaPointeThe credit card commercials promote activities showing families racking up the debt with loved ones  and claim that these moments are “priceless”.  They do have one thing correct; time with our loved ones is priceless.  Debt on the other hand has a tremendous price.   Emotionally, and in turn physically, individuals and families are negatively affected by their debt load.  At least a few times a month I sit down with someone who feels ashamed, sick, and frustrated — all related to their credit card debt load.  Society and individuals are not attuned to seeing credit cards as instruments of debt, what is seen is the entitlement, the instant gratification of card use.Using credit cards as a convenience, is just that, easy. It is easy to use and also easy to abuse. A credit card with a $5,000, $15,000, $40,000, even $500 limit does not mean you have those dollars available, it is not your money.  It means the credit card companies are willing to let you go into debt to them for that dollar amount.  You get to use their money and in turn you owe them what you borrowed, plus interest.  You’re in debt to them and they make it so easy.Credit card use needs to be thoughtful, with intention, and there must be a firm plan to cover that expense.  Credit cards should be an item of convenience for you, not a revenue source for the credit card company.  Running up debt, whether it be credit card, personal loans, etc, immediately, and over time, hinder your ability to accumulate wealth and to have options in your life.Debt, at select times, can help you leverage other’s money for your needs by increasing your opportunity for additional funds, or if abused, can prevent the loss of revenue producing opportunities. Too often, debt is just a ball and chain that gets heavier over time.   There are ways to break the pattern and take control of the situation, but repeating the same activity will not help.  Make the decision to not become a revenue source for your credit card companies. Facebook5Tweet0Pin0 Nancy J. LaPointe, MBA, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL®, may be reached at Navigate Financial, located at 4520 Intelco Loop SE, Suite 1D, Lacey, WA 98503. Tel (360) 628-8175   Cell (360) 402-3200   Fax (360) 236-0317  or via the website at*Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser.last_img read more

The Washington Center Interviews “Blonde Poison” Playwright

first_imgFacebook11Tweet0Pin0Submitted by The Washington Center for the Performing ArtsThe infamous actions of Stella Goldschlag – a “catcher” of Jews during the Second World War (despite being Jewish herself) in order to guarantee her safety and that of her parents – were undoubtedly heinous and evil. Yet Gail Louw’s new play “Blonde Poison” – the nickname given to Goldschlag thanks to her typically Aryan looks – poses the question, what would you do in that situation?From “Blond Poison.” Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts.“It really talks to people about the human condition and human nature. There is so much torture, misery, trouble and strife in the world, and it really questions what an individual’s role is in all this,” she says. “What actually happens to people in extraordinary circumstances and situations? How do they respond?”The play draws heavily on the book Stella, written by Goldschlag’s childhood friend Peter Wyden, who nurtured a schoolyard crush for her before escaping Nazi Germany in 1937. The book explores what drove the young woman to become an informant, and Louw took Wyden and Goldschlag’s reunion interview as the basis for her work.Louw is no stranger to the time period, or writing about her faith – her play Two Sisters, part of Devonshire Park’s Studio Season last year, was based on her mother and aunt meeting up and talking about how the events of the war shaped their family. “Many of my plays are about Jews. I am Jewish, but I’m not a terribly good one. Clearly, though, all these things are buried within – my mother’s parents were killed in a concentration camp,” says Louw.“The thing about Stella was that she was such a cruel, awful, dreadful, evil person – but you can’t help but understand where she is coming from. If you were given the opportunity to save yourself and your beloved parents, people would take it. Then again, you have to remember a lot of people didn’t take it, they didn’t become betrayers and took the more honourable way out.”It is extraordinary that Goldschlag’s journey to becoming a monster – estimates place that somewhere in the region of between 600 and 3,000 Jewish men and women were captured and sent to camps following her entrapment – came from being betrayed herself. At the start of the war she was handed over to the Gestapo by an acquaintance, a fellow Jew, and was arrested and beaten for carrying forged ID.“For her to then turn with such vengeance… wow, it’s difficult to believe,” exclaims Louw. “If you’re a German soldier or a Gestapo agent, you’re doing it for the Fatherland, but what was Stella doing it for? She was Jewish. At one point she says, ‘This way I have food and I have a bed… isn’t this what everybody wants?’ Yes, it is, but not at everybody else’s cost.”Several sources, including the Holocaust Chronicle, have come to suggest that Goldschlag hated her Jewishness. It’s a statement Louw agrees with. “The German Jews were very disdainful of the Eastern ones, and thought they were disgusting, poor and dirty – these people who looked so Jewish and spoke this foreign language didn’t fit in and didn’t appreciate Brahms and Beethoven,” she explains.“Some families were extremely secular and hated the whole thing of being Jewish – it wasn’t important to them. It was Hitler who made them become Jewish. Suddenly it was forced on them and they had to wear yellow stars and have it define them.”Victim or monster? It seems nothing in Stella’s story, Louw argues, is black and white.“In Holocaust literature there is a lot of stuff that makes you feel uplifted and stuff that makes you feel traumatised and depressed. Stella encompasses all of these things. The horrors of torture and betrayal, and also what one does to oneself,” she says.Blonde Poison will be at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts for two nights, January 25 and 26, 2018. To purchase tickets, call 360-753-8586 or visit The Washington Center for the Performing Arts website.  Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. From “Blond Poison.” Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts.last_img read more

With win over Bulgaria – England make it a stunning 42 games without defeats…

first_imgAdvertisement 91yNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsbtes9Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E7lp2r( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 9ufv6Would you ever consider trying this?😱32c0Can your students do this? 🌚t2ylRoller skating! Powered by Firework England outclassed Bulgaria in the Euro 2020 qualifier with a margin of 4-0. With this win over Bulgaria, England made a stunning record of being undefeated in 42 games in European Championship qualifiers. They were beaten in the Euro qualifier in 2009 for the last time by Ukraine. In that match, the Goalkeeper of the Three Lions, Rob Green was shown a red card.Advertisement After that defeat under the management of Fabio Capello, the Three Lions have been unbeaten in the Euro Qualifiers for last 9 years and 11 months. However, their performance in European Championship is really poor. In the previous edition of the European Championship, they were beaten by Iceland in the round of 16.Advertisement Harry Kane scored a hat trick in the group stage match against Bulgaria of the qualifiers of Euro 2020. Raheem Sterling scored another goal to make the scoreline 4-0. In the group of the Three Lions, there are Kosovo, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Bulgaria in the Euro qualifiers. The group is really easy for a heavyweight team like England and they will certainly qualify for the European Championship in 2020 by the end of the next month.The Three Lions are unbeaten in Euro qualifiers for last 42 matches. Among those 42 games, the Three Lions won in 33 occasions and 9 matches were drawn.Advertisement  De Ligt inclined towards Barca deal despite United’s special treatment  Advertisementlast_img read more

As Expected, Marine Park Back To the Drawing Board

first_imgBy Marion Lynch RED BANK – It’s back to the drawing board for the Borough Council’s efforts to restore the area of Marine Park where the clay tennis courts are located. Supporters of the courts won a battle this week in their years-long fight to preserve them when Councilwoman Linda Schwabenbauer announced at Monday’s Borough Council meeting that they would reject all three proposals for projects in the area of Marine Park where the storm-damaged courts are located.The three members of the council’s parks and recreation committee – Schwabenbauer, Kathy Horgan and Edward Zipprich – reviewed three proposals, and the plan that scored the highest was the one least favored by residents.“The Jetsun proposal came out on top numerically,” Schwabenbauer said, “but the preponderance of public opinion was not in favor.”The committee’s only option, she said is to reject all three proposals. A formal resolution will be on the agenda for the Nov. 23 meeting.The proposal submitted by Jetsun Enterprises, a group of private investors, was the most ambitious of the three submitted to the council’s request for proposals (RFP) back in April.That plan called for the construction of an 18-hole miniature golf course, synthetic, year-round ice rink, a food concession stand, a boathouse offering canoe and kayak rentals; there would also be driven golf carts to take patrons to and from offsite parking.The other plans call for rebuilding the tennis courts and operating them independently from the borough, providing the borough with a portion of the proceeds; and a boathouse and catering hall that would offer boat rentals and recreational and educational program sponsored by the Navesink River Rowing Club and Navesink Maritime Heritage Association.When evaluating the three plans the parks and rec committee relied on quantifiable criteria in making its determination. Using that matrix, the Jetsun proposal was the clear winner, “by a head and shoulders,” Schwabenbauer told the Two River Times last week.
 Mayor Pasquale Menna said Monday that it would be “back to the drawing board” in the borough’s efforts to restore the area of the park surrounding the courts. The red clay tennis courts, constructed in the 1930s, were severely damaged in Super Storm Sandy in 2012 and have been unusable for the past three years.In response to a question from Councilwoman Cindy Burnham, Schwabenbauer the council’s “hands were tied” and could not select the second best proposal.“We’re just following the law and public opinion. Now we’re going to start over from scratch,” said Horgan.Burnham stressed that “RFPs cost money,” and said that state law allows municipalities to lease municipal property to a nonprofit if they meet certain criteria. “Which, I do believe the tennis courts meet. So you could accept a nonprofit without going out to an RFP.”To Burnham’s charges that the RFP process was “not transparent” and that residents “did not know what was going on,” Schwabenbauer responded, “I think 83 people knew the process well enough to send some letters. The committee received 83 letters, 12 emails and “lots of phone calls” from residents, she reported.Supporters of the courts formed a non-profit organization, Red Bank Clay Tennis Courts Association, represented by attorney Donald Pepe.“We don’t need another RFP,” Pepe told the council. The group recommends a public-private partnership to repair and maintain the courts. “The money is there to fix these courts.”More than a dozen people in attendance held up “Save the Courts” signs at one point in the discussion.“If the borough doesn’t have the funding, there is private money available,” Pepe later told The Two River Times.John Burton contributed to this story.last_img read more

Abrosimoff, Soukeroff spark Mount Sentinel Wildcats to Consolation Title

first_imgAaron Abrosimoff poured in 17 points and teammate Brandon Soukeroff added 15 to lead the Mount Sentinel Wildcats to a 71-55 victory over Nakusp Cougars in the Consolation Final of the Kootenay High School A Boy’s Basketball Championships Saturday at the Mount Sentinel Gymnasium.A 9-0 run in the fourth period sealed the deal for the Wildcats.Braden McLean scored 23 points to lead the Cougars while Ben Gardener added added 18 points, including five three point conversions.Sparwood defeated Fernie Falcons 73-41 to capture the zone title and a berth in the BC High School A Boy’s Basketball Championship next month in Langley.Sparwood put 27 points in the second quarter to grab a 41-26 lead en route to the zone title.Cale Hughes led the victors with 18 points, including a pair of baskets from downtown in the fourth period.Austin Molley added 16 points for Sparwood.Sparwood advanced to the final by stopping the host school 88-67 in Friday’s Semi Final round.Fernie bounced Nakusp 89-45 in the other Semi Final contest. Cats coach Kris Hryniw was pleased with this team’s showing against the zone champs, despite losing by double digits.“I was so impressed with my Grade 10 point guard, Kie Miller, who really didn’t make any mistakes, and was the team’s high scorer with 17 points,” Hryniw said.Abrosimoff with 15 points and Soukeroff with 14 also were high scorers for Mount Sentinel against Sparwood.Hryniw said finishing third in the zone was a major accomplishment for a Cats team without any senior leadership.“We did not have one Grade 12 player step on the court for us,” Hryniw said.“Our team consists of 6 Grade 11 boys, 3 Grade 10 boys and even one boy who’s in Grade 9.”“All of the younger boys stepped up and made great contributions off the bench in both games,” Hryniw added.This tournament concludes the season for the Wildcats varsity team.However, the Junior Wildcats travel to Castlegar this weekend to compete in the West Kootenay Junior Boy’s Basketball Championships host by the Rockers at Stanley Humphries.Top seeded Grand Forks Wolves meet Boundary Central of Midway in one Semi Final while host Stanley Humphries meets J. Lloyd Crowe of Trail in the other Semi.The two winners meet for the West Kootenay crown Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m.Other teams entered include the L.V. Rogers Bombers and Salmo Falcons.last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — WK Glacier Challenge Top Team – Rear Guard

first_imgThe 2016 West Kootenay Glacier Challenge added to its incredible success over the weekend by raising more than $125,000 to help find a cure for MS (Multiple sclerosis). One team did more than their fair share of the fundraising as the Team Rear Guard raised almost $20,000 toward the overall total.Team Rear Guard has not only been selected Mallard’s Team of the Week for their amazing contribution, hard work and dedication, but the contingent walked away with The Nelson Daily prize as the top fundraising team during Saturday’s award ceremony at Lakeside Rotary Park.Hats off to this amazing group of individuals, Jim and Nancy Noiles, Doug Noiles, P’Nina Shames and Lorne Westnedge.In five years the West Kootenay Glacier Challenge has raised almost $470,000.last_img read more

Back on familiar ground, West Kootenay Glacier Challenge set to ride

first_img“Only a few more sleeps.”The 222 kilometer ride begins Saturday morning in New Denver at 8:30 a.m.Nelson is the stop after the 105 km Day one ride. Cyclists will be fed at the annual awards banquet at Lakeside Rotary Park.Sunday, the weekend concludes with the 117 km ride to Kaslo and back to New Denver.Multiple sclerosis (MS), also known as disseminated sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminata, is an inflammatory disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged.This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to communicate, resulting in a wide range of signs and symptoms, including physical, mental and sometimes psychiatric problems.Proceeds from MS Bike fund vital MS research and programs and services that enable those affected by MS.To participate, all you need is a bike and a passion to end MS.For more information on the MS Bike Tour — West Kootenay Glacier Challenge go to or contact Leona Dimock at 1-866-352-3997 or Last year paving in the Slocan Valley forced organizers of the West Kootenay Glacier Challenge ride to conquer MS (Multiple sclerosis) to re-work the route.While paving is now raising havoc fro travellers on Highway 3A from Playmor Junction to Taghum, organizers are not at all worried as the show is back to its normal New Denver to Nelson, Nelson to New Denver format.The race goes Saturday and Sunday (August 20-21) beginning in New Denver.”It is great to be back on the original route . . . as long as all the paving is done on our section on time,” said Leona Dimock, West Kootenay Glacier Challenge Bike Tour Coordinator, crossing her fingers SPL can have most of the paving completed by the weekend.”We’re excited for our fifth annual tour,” Dimock adds.”We’re back to our original route and the weather forecast looks like it should be a great weekend. We’ve got everything lined up and are ready to host our riders.last_img read more


first_imgIT’S WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR’S BREEDERS’ CUP FOR PRATRising riding star Flavien Prat is recovering at Long Beach Memorial Hospital from injuries suffered in a riding mishap at Los Alamitos Race Course last Thursday that are expected to keep him out of action three months.Prat, from Melun, France, was hurt when 2-year-old first-time starter Discreetlyhumor tripped and fell in the sixth race.“Flavien has fractures of the T-4 through T-8 vertebras and a punctured lung,” said his agent, Derek Lawson. “The lung is healing, but slowly, unfortunately. Otherwise, he’d be up and about already. He’ll be fit with a brace, not a cast, but a brace which will have to be removed when he goes to bed. He’ll have to wear it when he’s upright. As of right now, they’re looking at three months (before he’ll resume riding).“He finally started eating Monday night, which is good, because he hadn’t wanted to. No one knows why the accident happened, but it was just one of those stupid mishaps that occur in racing. I haven’t even seen the video of it yet, and I don’t really want to.“It could have been worse, but it’s really bad timing. I’ve been doing this since 1985 and this is the best year I’ve ever had, the most money I’ve ever earned.“But I told Flavien to forget all the horses he’d been riding; they’re gone. Just get healthy and we’ll start over again when you come back. We’ll just have to push, push, push.“We didn’t have to push before the accident. It was kind of fun. We had things all lined up through the Breeders’ Cup. We were exploring all the details of being there, getting a place to live and so on.“I told him, ‘Your first Breeders’ Cup will be here next year at Santa Anita.’ We’ll just hold off until then. I love the challenge of starting over again. As far as taking another rider, right now I’m not interested.”Lawson had been mining for jockey gold as an agent for more than three decades with no strike before finally hitting the mother lode with Prat.Prat has 83 victories from 576 mounts this year with earnings of $5,177,995. He was second behind perennial Southern California leader Rafael Bejarano at the recent Del Mar meet and fifth at the Santa Anita meet that ended June 28.“He’s doing well,” said trainer Richard Mandella, a major patron of Plat’s. “We saw him Monday. His prognosis is good although it’s going to be a pretty long healing period, but he’s 23. He’s got plenty of time. He’ll be back.” BAFFERT HOPES BAYERN REGAINS FORM IN AWESOME AGAINBob Baffert hopes Bayern puts his best foot forward when he runs Saturday in the Awesome Again Stakes at Santa Anita, where the 4-year-old ridgling owned by Kaleem Shah is unbeaten in three starts, including the Breeders’ Cup Classic last Nov. 1.Bayern has not won since that race, compiling a string of four straight losses, including a ninth by 22 ½ lengths behind Beholder in the Pacific Classic.“He’s a fast horse,” Baffert said of the 4-year-old son of Offlee Wild. “He just has to get out there and go. This will have to be a big race for him. He needs to show he’s back.”The field for the Awesome Again: Bayern, Global View, Hard Aces, Hoppertunity, Imperative, Point Piper, Sammy Mandeville and Smooth Roller. MORA TO BE RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL TODAY FOLLOWING RECENT STROKEAssistant trainer Leandro Mora, an integral cog in Doug O’Neill’s highly successfultraining machine, was recovering at Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina from a stroke suffered Friday and was scheduled to be released from the facility today.“He gets out today,” said O’Neill late Wednesday morning. “Fingers crossed and say a little prayer. I saw him Monday and he looks pretty darn normal to me. They were still running a bunch of tests and giving him medication to dissolve the blood clot before he leaves the hospital.“It seems like Leandro’s been with me forever, but it’s probably been more than 10 years. He’s our foundation. It’s a big void right now, but he’s helped establish things so well, that even without him, our program is still moving great.“We’re hoping for a quick recovery. I know if it were up to him, he’d be here right now. I’m assuming he’ll need a few weeks of chill time, but in this game, there’s no such thing as chill time, is there?”             FINISH LINES: Nyquist, unbeaten winner of the Grade I Del Mar Futurity who is entered in the Grade I FrontRunner Stakes Saturday, is named for 26-year-old Gustav Nyquist, who plays right wing for the Detroit Red Wings. Doug O’Neill trains Nyquist for owner J. Paul Reddam . . . Spanish Queen, Santa Anita’s Horse of the Meet last spring, is recovering from an injury but whether she will race again won’t be determined until next month. “She’s doing fine, resting at the barn and walking, but we won’t know more until we X-ray her again,” said Richard Baltas, who trains the 3-year-old California-bred daughter of the late Tribal Rule who won the Grade I American Oaks on May 30. “We discovered a hairline fracture of her left front sesamoid bone at Del Mar after she ran in the Belmont Oaks July 4. We’ll X-ray her again in October and try and make a decision on whether she’ll continue to race or not.” . . . On the good news front, crack sprinter Big Macher is “doing fabulous” following yesterday’s four-furlong workout in 48 flat and is being considered for the Breeders’ Cup Sprint “if he continues to do well,” said Baltas, who made the California-bred son of Beau Genius eligible for the Breeders’ Cup with a payment prior to last year’s Sprint, in which Big Macher was unplaced after a tardy start. Claimed for $20,000 on July 17, 2013, Big Macher won the Grade I Bing Crosby at Del Mar last July . . . Santa Anita Derby winner Dortmund worked five furlongs Monday in 1:01. Trainer Bob Baffert has the Grade I, $500,000 Clark Handicap at Churchill Downs on Nov. 27 as a long-range goal for the chestnut son of Big Brown, with plans “to get a race into him before that.” . . . There will be a Late Pick 4 pool guarantee of at least $500,000 every Saturday and Sunday during Santa Anita’s Autumn Meet that ends Sunday, Oct. 25. BREAK WILL HELP AMERICAN PHAROAH: BAFFERTTriple Crown winner American Pharoah, who jogged one mile over Santa Anita’s main track today, came out of his upset defeat at the hands of Keen Ice in the Travers Stakes Aug. 29 in good order and is working his way towards his final start in the Breeders’ Cup Classic on Oct. 31.Under regular work rider Martin Garcia, American Pharoah went four furlongs at Santa Anita Monday in 49.80.“He came out of the Travers well,” trainer Bob Baffert said. “He’s a pretty tough horse, probably one of the toughest horses I’ve been around. He’s got a great mind and he’s a tremendous athlete.“I’m really surprised that he hasn’t tailed off. After Saratoga, I could tell he did a bit, because he needed a little extra time. But he’s slowly getting it back. This little break’s going to really help him. He needed it.”center_img PATRICK VALENZUELA EYES TENTATIVE COMEBACK OCT. 18In a career of infinite comebacks, Patrick Valenzuela expects to make yet another on Oct. 18, one day after his 53rd birthday.“I got my boots and helmet on and feel real good,” Valenzuela said between work sessions Tuesday. “I’ve been working horses in the mornings since the latter part of July and I’ll be ready to go Oct. 18.”Under terms of a stipulated settlement between Valenzuela and the California Horse Racing Board, early last month Valenzuela was granted a license to exercise horses. His jockey license is suspended through Oct. 31, but is subject to review, and Valenzuela hopes to be cleared to resume his career as a rider in three weeks.“I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to do,” he said. QUEEN BEHOLDER HOLDS COURT AT SANTA ANITAAWESOME AGAIN TESTS BAYERN’S PERFECT MARKAMERICAN PHAROAH MOVES TOWARDS BC CLASSICPRAT OUT THREE MONTHS AFTER LOS AL ACCIDENTTEAM O’NEILL’S MORA RECOVERING FROM STROKE BEHOLDER TOPS A ‘GRADE I’ OPENING DAY SATURDAYBeholder, who defeated males by a Pacific Classic record margin of 8 ¼ lengths onAug. 22, will be the center of attention opening day at Santa Anita Saturday whenshe seeks an unprecedented third consecutive victory in the Zenyatta Stakes, one of five Grade I, Breeders’ Cup “Win and You’re In” Challenge events on a blockbuster 11-race program that has major bearings on the Breeders’ Cup at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky., Oct. 30 and 31.In addition to the Zenyatta for fillies and mares, three and up at 1 1/16 miles, Santa Anita will showcase the FrontRunner Stakes for two-year-olds at 1 1/16 miles; the Awesome Again Stakes for three-year-olds and up at 1 1/8 miles; the Chandelier Stakes for two-year-old fillies at 1 1/16 miles; and the Rodeo Drive Stakes for fillies and mares, three and up, at 1 ¼ miles on turf.Each race offers $300,000 in purse money. The winners will be entitled to automatic entry into their respective Breeders’ Cup races, in addition to a travel stipend if going from a base located outside of Kentucky.“She’s as good as she could be,” trainer Richard Mandella said of two-time EclipseAward champion Beholder, a 5-year-old bay mare owned by the Spendthrift Farm of B. Wayne Hughes, who is expected to be on hand Saturday. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t think of running her. I don’t need to, but she acts like she needs to run.“I was surprised with the ease in which she won the Pacific Classic, although I wouldn’t have run her if I didn’t think she had a good shot to win. I wouldn’t have exposed her to it if she had made me think otherwise.“But the way she won, nobody could expect that. It was too good to be true.”Beholder, a daughter of Henny Hughes, has a remarkable 10 wins from 11 starts at Santa Anita and 14 of 19 in her career, with earnings of $4,256,600. Her lone defeat at The Great Race Place came in the Grade II Santa Ynez Stakes on Jan. 21, 2013, when she was second by three-quarters of a length to Renee’s Titan.Asked if he thought Beholder could glean enough votes to be named Horse of the Year if she were to pass the $2 million Breeders’ Cup Distaff and take on the boys and defeat Triple Crown winner American Pharoah in the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic, should fate lead to that scenario, Mandella said:“We’ll look at the Classic. We could always change our mind and go in the Distaff, but it’s hard to resist a race like the Classic. Right now, our intention is to look at that race.“I’d like to see her win it (Horse of the Year), but I’m just trying to do the best I can.”First post time for the 11-race program on opening day is 12:30 p.m. Admission gates open at 10:30 a.m. There will be free parking and General Admission every Thursday and Friday, with post time at 1 p.m.The 19-day meet that ends Oct. 25 is abbreviated by Santa Anita standards, but abundant in quality, with 21 stakes, an average of more than one a day.The field for the Zenyatta: Beholder, Big Book, Kyriaki, My Monet, My Sweet Addiction, Oscar Party, Savings Account, Warren’s Veneda and Wild in the Saddle.last_img read more


first_imgIS MISS SOUTHERN MISS KEITH’S ‘GIANT KILLER’ ?CHAMPIONS STELLAR WIND AND DREFONG WORKMIDNIGHT STORM TO BREEZE SUNDAY FOR BIG ‘CAP JockeyMts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won J. Keith Desormeaux1972437%68%$406,275 Mark Glatt3776519%49%$258,020 Flavien Prat10124111824%52%$1,358,517 Martin Pedroza57791012%46%$281,668 Rafael Bejarano8314121617%51%$813,568 Luis Contreras62781811%53%$352,744 Norberto Arroyo, Jr.6495414%28%$458,830 SANTA ANITA STATISTICS Tiago Pereira4765513%34%$185,190 Stewart Elliott72871411%40%$351,130 Bob Baffert2953517%45%$411,316 MISS SOUTHERN MISS VS. LAS VIRGENES TOUGHIESMiss Southern Miss tackles a champion and a potential champion Sunday in the Grade II Las Virgenes Stakes for three-year-old fillies at one mile, but her trainer, Keith Desormeaux, has been known to light up the tote board with a longshot winner now and then.He sends out Miss Southern Miss against 2016 two-year-old filly Eclipse Award winner Champagne Room and Unique Bella, handy winner of her last two starts by a combined 17 ¾ lengths, including a 7 ½-length romp in the Grade II Santa Ynez Stakes on Jan. 8.Miss Southern Miss, owned by Peter Cantrell, has not raced since last Oct. 10, when she won the restricted Surfer Girl Stakes at one mile on turf at Santa Anita. She was second to Champagne Room in the Grade II Sorrento at 6 ½ furlongs on dirt last August at Del Mar.Miss Southern Miss does, however, have two bullet works for the Las Virgenes.“We didn’t have many options on dirt,” Desormeaux explained, “and she’s shown some class on the dirt before. There were other subtleties into the decision. She’s a very aggressive horse and I prefer to start her out routing instead of sprinting in the Sweet Life (Stakes at about 6 ½ furlongs on turf Feb. 12), just to keep her settled.“It’s a tough race but we’re optimistic.”Anyone who doubts Keith’s prowess with an eye for an underdog need only look at Sorry Erik’s victory in Thursday’s seventh race.Claimed after a five-length victory for $20,000 on Jan. 6, Sorry Erik came back to win for $75,000 at 6-1, leaving in his wake by two lengths 2-5 favorite Conquest Farenheit, a $735,000 Keeneland Sales purchase.The Las Virgenes, race six of eight: Mopotism, Flavien Prat 6-1; Champagne Room, Mario Gutierrez, 5-2; Mistressofthenight, Corey Nakatani, 15-1; Unique Bella, Mike Smith, 3-5; and Miss Southern Miss, Kent Desormeaux, 6-1. Mike Smith2261527%55%$614,220 TrainerMts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won Kent Desormeaux671410721%46%$915,443 Richard Baltas631112917%51%$598,508 Tyler Baze1042121820%48%$928,277 Peter Eurton2573128%44%$335,824 Doug O’Neill708151111%49%$650,603 Peter Miller461213626%67%$684,510 John Sadler2556720%72%$289,024 Jockey Standings FINISH LINES: Midnight Storm, a graded stakes winner on dirt and turf for trainer Phil D’Amato, is scheduled to work at 7:45 Sunday morning in preparation for the Grade I, $750,000 Santa Anita Handicap on March 11 . . . Trainer Ian Kruljac says he is weighing three races for 2016 Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint champion Finest City‘s next start: the Grade III Las Flores Stakes at six furlongs March 5; the Grade II Santa Ana Stakes at 1 1/8 miles on turf March 12; and the Grade I Santa Margarita Stakes at 1 1/8 miles on dirt March 18 . . . Apprentice Chad Lindsay loses his ‘bug’ Sunday and will ride as a full-fledged journeyman starting next Thursday . . . Multiple graded stakes winner Om, runner-up by a nose to Obviously in the Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint, has been turned out at Oakmont Farm in Murrieta. “He just wasn’t doing well in the mud, so I gave him another couple months off,” trainer Dan Hendricks said. “We’ll bring him back fresh and ready this summer.” . . . Actor Daniel Franzese will present a trophy to the winning connections of the Palos Verdes Stakes, today’s third race. Franzese has appeared in more than 14 films, including Bully, Party Monster, Mean Girls, Bristol Boys and War of the Worlds (2) . . .  Tomorrow, the day of The Big Game, live racing at Santa Anita begins at 11 a.m., allowing fans to watch three-point favorite New England against Atlanta at Sirona’s Sports Bar after the races or to be home in time for the start at 3:30 p.m. Sirona’s will offer $5 drink specials all day. General admission to the track Sunday is only one dollar. STELLAR WIND, DREFONG WORK FOR RETURNThree-year-old filly champion of 2015 Stellar Wind had her first recorded workout since finishing fourth behind multiple champions Beholder and Songbird in the Breeders’ Cup Distaff last Nov. 4 at Santa Anita, going three furlongs on Santa Anita’s fast main track Saturday in 36.80 under exercise rider Jose Contreras at 7:45 a.m. for trainer John Sadler with co-owner Kosta Hronis on hand.Also working Saturday was Breeders’ Cup Sprint champion and Eclipse Award-winning sprinter Drefong, who went four furlongs under Martin Garcia in 50 flat for the $2 million Golden Shaheen in Dubai March 25.Trainer Bob Baffert termed the move “just maintenance.” Santiago Gonzalez5578613%38%$304,901 (Current Through Friday, Feb. 3) Gary Sherlock2353222%43%$135,110 William Spawr1670244%56%$181,551 Joseph Talamo65751111%35%$256,870 Jerry Hollendorfer601181118%50%$924,904 Philip D’Amato3694625%53%$595,975last_img read more

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