first_imgFrom the ‘staff’, how is the preparation considered?The scenario right now is that the April qualifiers are played in October. That of June, in November. The date of April will be the play-off. It remains the June 2021 and the entire season until 2022 preparation for the European Championship.Could that Euro 2022 and World Cup 2023 be the moment for La Roja?We hope it is. We don’t know how they will organize that, there will be no time for the next year to have a World Cup because there is no time to play the qualifying matches.How have you seen the internationals in the talk they have had?After the individualized analyzes of each player, we are now meeting with them because the next call will not be until September. I am suffering for them, because I know what it means for an elite athlete to be confined. It’s like you have racehorses locked up. Those horses need to run, and run fast.Unfortunately, footballers don’t live in garden houses …They have a lot of merit. They are disciplined, organized. Because of the conditions, they have more merit than they do. They get ingenuity and desire. When you really want, you can. I know that they are doing everything they can. Coronavirus | “My wife is a nurse; psychologically it is hard” Are Difficult days Y complicated in all Spain. Also at Jorge Vildasince his wife works in the health sector. Even so, he does not neglect his work, nor his players. With the Euro moving away from the bottom …How do you and your family handle the confinement?So far, no tragedy has touched us closely. My wife is a nurse, so she is telecommuting, she does the triage. Psychologically it is tough, with 150 queued calls. He is doubling shifts. It is my turn with the children, with the eight year old I am teaching and with the little one non-stop. And at the same time, working.This issue of the coronavirus caught the National Team in the United States, contesting the SheBelieves Cup …The day we felt away was the day of the game against England, the day before we returned. News came out that they could close the borders. We had uncertainty and until we got on the stopover in Miami we didn’t all breathe. The entire delegation acted amazingly. At breakfast we met to express what the situation was. It was a little bit more special, but they acted very professionally.Did they take any exceptional sanitary measures?From the beginning of the trip, since the pandemic had already been discussed, the doctor was very attentive. The indications were given, we were very aware of any type of cold, of anomaly. Days have passed, how do you assess the passage of Spain through the SheBelieves?Many national team players have taken two or three steps forward. 14 months ago, when we faced the USA, every time they caught the ball we felt fear. Not anymore, we have shown that we can dominate the best in the world. In the stands there were many fans who knew our players, who asked them for their shirts …UEFA has canceled the U19 European Championship due to COVID-19.It is a shame, because for some their cycle ends. We want to tell you that there is also the Sub-20, there is the Promises that tends to be Sub-23. All the lower categories are still very alive and they will have options.center_img The Eurocup is going to be played in 2022, one year after what was planned.UEFA confirmation is missing. It does not worry me. They can give the same or better performance within two years. And by 2022, those in lower categories will have options.The delay of the Euro will produce two years of hiatus …We really wanted, of course. But you have to take the positive side. We still have to get the ticket, we do not have it, but we will have more time to prepare. What has happened at SheBelieves is a starting point for growth. I hope and believe that in two years we will be a better team than now.Could these two years of hiatus bring a generational change?What will happen is that there will be players with a better level. It will be more difficult to choose. A pleasant problem. Quarantine | “For them, it’s like locking racehorses”last_img