first_imgThe Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJB) has dismissed the appeal presented by the defense of Santos Márquez González in which he requested the annulment of the sentence that sentenced this soccer intermediary to 4 years and one day in prison for the crime of aggravated fraud in the signing of Real Madrid exporter Iker Casillas for Porto.The TSJB magistrates reject all the arguments of Santos Márquez’s lawyers to annul the resolution issued by the Palma Hearing in 2014. According to that sentence, the agent He deceived his ex-partner Jorge Ignacio S., who made him believe that the footballer wanted to sign for some team in the United States.It also made him think that the commission for this transfer would go to the accounts of the company Mallorca Viva SL, in which both had been partners and with which he continued to collaborate. The company, therefore, contributed 9,100 euros to Márquez for his total availability in the negotiation of the signing of Casillas, whose commission, once closed, the representative “had resolved not to allocate” to the company.In fact, in June 2015, He began contacts as a “free agent” with the athlete’s manager to negotiate his transfer to Porto. The judgment of the Audience of Palma also imposed Santos Márquez an indemnification in concept of civil responsibility to the complainant of 115,666 euros and to assume two thirds of the costs of the procedure.The intermediary’s lawyers alleged before the TSJB that there was no deception in the Casillas operation because “All of Spain found out about the signing and Santos Márquez appeared in the national press.”The magistrates’ response was: “This is not known to the Chamber nor is it disclosed that it was published in the press.” The judgment of the Balearic magistrates is appealable before the Supreme Court.last_img