server for the IP section of the VM server, must not choose the same period of IP, for the latter part of the site maintenance site move, and love Shanghai for the station group judgment have a great impact, so when buying virtual space, can be purchased from different service providers more in line with our station group demand.

source: to do stand group of people, as we all know, almost all of the stations are used in the source code, has a great effect on the cost, can directly go up, such as open source, the more practical PHPCMS, ASPCMS, DEDECMS and WordPress. Even ZBLOG and so on, can be used as our source program, the source stations used while I was building for PHPWIND, of course, this set of open source code even now there are many user groups in the use of some major benefits of this set of open source code, modify, or module or column that is completely fool the station, as long as you play QQ space, operator PHPwind will not be much problem, and the phpwind module for the optimization of the days after too A great help, this optimization again. You can view some open source program, selective use.

content: in principle, the original as far as possible the original, not the original false original processing, because the station group relates to the site more, most of the original method is also very difficult to achieve, this time, the website template can bring great convenience to us, because we are on the left side of the page or on the right.

TDK: the title, keywords and description, this we can be of different types of landing keywords, keywords expansion we can own love Shanghai keyword expansion way, most of the products of words. Keyword density, similarly, is mainly characterized in that the template keyword can be adjusted, if the batch layout better let the development of related software.

ranking optimization

station group the term in 10 to 12 years has been like web "clicks become fashionable for a time, then, can quickly raise the ranking of keywords batch injection, the harvest of various keywords recommended to order flow is also a great security, and investment is not to use too many human resources, so as to obtain the time each company’s favor, then, with 12 years of cold Piaoguo, 13 years, the construction and optimization of station group has very few companies or individuals to do, a crackdown in Shanghai doubled the cost of love into the love of Shanghai’s own products ranked the promotion of making more and more stations a thankless task point, so until now, station group’s position is that the solid chicken ribs, and eat the tasteless but wasteful to discard the operation, from their own perspective to stand To talk about the stand swarm optimization need to pay attention to some issues and some inspiration.