were collected, the weight is not high

website must not relax our vigilance, a lot of people are on the spatial instability caused by the site came right or be K had a profound experience. I had a similar experience, buy space at the beginning and later on to safe and sound, one after another problem. So the blog is right down. Sometimes the first day stability, second days is likely to appear snapshot lag situation, so in the choice of virtual space, the contrast is not a bad choice, don’t be afraid of trouble, if just began to act carelessly, then the trouble behind you.

The stability of

space is not stable, destroy the website

web content is a long time not update, such as some academic sites, heavy machinery site, it determines the nature of its update frequency. But for the vast majority of personal website, if it is continually updated, and then suddenly stopped for a while, then go, this will make search engines do not adapt to. Your updates have obviously regularity is very strong, or extremely long update, or stop this.

now there are a lot of website collection function, but it does not advocate all use acquisition. Although some see the collection site search related words very highly ranked, but you see is only a surface phenomenon, because these words ranking is based on the high weight of the whole site, there is this kind of website is not entirely on acquisition, is only a part or a plate. But our small sites than no, because there is not enough weight as support.

binding domain, suspected of cheating

content is not updated snapshot lag

The contents of Some

now some websites in order to enhance the weight of the domain name, the website will use a lot of resources, these resources are the domain name of the website all to the main domain name, so to all domain traffic and weight into the main domain name, this is one of the popular black hat tactics, is a very dangerous practice. This is a search engine that will significantly manipulate rankings category. The equivalent of multiple sites using the same website, just make a jump, but it is a different URL corresponding to the same content, therefore can not let the search engines can not be judged more binding domain on the same website, is likely to be punished or drop right.


website optimization process, some webmaster or make mistakes, some of which will not cause too much impact on the site, and some are different, it will affect the keywords ranking, will lead to site is down right or be K. So in the process of optimization should pay more attention to, don’t make some obvious mistakes. Because the search engine is not to give us any chance to explain, for example, the space is not stable, so it will have an impact. Combined with some practical experience, to share with you some advice, hope to be able to pay attention to when operating their own site, avoid these items, make your site healthy service for everyone.